El Al Israel Business Class Flights Tickets

El Al airlines is the star airlines of Israel and thus is also called El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. It is the flag carrier of Israel and since its inception in the year 1948 with special inaugural flight from Geneva to Tel Aviv the airline has only climbed up on the ladder of success. Currently it flies about 43 aircraft with following being the current aircraft category flown by the airlines:

  1. Boeing 737 – 800
  2. Boeing 737 – 900ER
  3. Boeing 747 – 400
  4. Boeing 767 – 300ER
  5. Boeing 777 – 200ER
  6. Boeing 787 – 8
  7. Boeing 787 – 9
  8. Boeing 747 – 400F

These super advanced aircrafts cater for about 50 destinations across the globe with following cities networked through the USA:

El Al Business Class

Fly for a business trip or going for a much awaited family vacation across ocean which could take hours to complete the flight journey. The best option for both is business class seats as they offer multitude of services from wide seats, integrated entertainment options, specialized food menu and space to work on your business projects.

Before Boarding


Business Class passengers enjoy extra baggage allowance opportunity and are also given priority baggage check-in and collection on departure and arrival respectively.

Premium Lounge Access

Waiting prior to boarding your flight do not have to be uncomfortable as all the business class passengers are facilitated with full accessibility within the confines of exclusive lounges of El Al Airlines. The airline caters for business passengers lounge services in Ben Gurion International Airport, New York and London within King David lounge.

On Board Services


Comfort aboard long flights between two cities is not something which is taken for granted by the crew members of El Al Israel Airlines. The business class arena is fitted out by comfortable seats which can angle to quite an extent to facilitate a good sleep for passengers aboard. They are structured to provide maximum comfort and relaxation for long haul flight passengers. With better freedom for movement and reclining seats these aircrafts are gaining momentum in their popularity quite speedily.

Fine Dining Aboard El Al Business Class Cabins

Culinary Delight right in Middle of Clouds

Enhance the tasting experience of your taste buds by savoring the rich delights prepared by the in-house chefs of El Al Airlines who have especially decked the extensive food menu with specialties of Israel cuisines.

Beverage Options from the Bar

Passengers aboard the EL Al Business Class seats are served with choicest beverages of both alcoholic and non alcoholic base which are chilled to perfection. The bar caters with an extensive list of wine, including the signature wines from Israeli background. The drinks menu is in fact shortlisted by the famous wine expert of Israel – Mr. Yair Haidu.

In-Flight Entertainment

Long flights across the globe can be passed by watching videos and listening to audio music on demand option provided with business class cabins. Passengers can select through numerous movies, TV shows, music album and audio books shown on the integrated TV screen with the seats. There are also cartoon shows and games to keep your young ones entertained for hours.

El Al Israel Airlines in a Glance

Basis Status
Launched 1948
Corporate HQ Ben Gurion International Airport Israel
Frequent Flyer Program Matmid
Major Hub City & Airport Ben Gurion International Airport Israel
Air Fleet Boeing 737 – 800
Boeing 737 – 900ER
Boeing 747 – 400
Boeing 767 – 300ER
Boeing 777 – 200ER
Boeing 787 – 8
Boeing 787 – 9
Boeing 747 – 400F (Cargo)

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