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China Airlines was founded by retired Air force Officer in the year of 1959 on 16thDecember. It was initially started only for charter flights and started with the fleet of 24 aircrafts, two PBY aircrafts and one C54 aircraft with its hub being in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. The airlines have won many awards with latest one being in 2016 for German iF Design Award. With its totally apt slogan stating ‘Journey with Caring Smile’, it has garnered much appreciation from its customers. Apart from Los AngelesNew York,San FranciscoHonolulu and Vancouverspecific type of flights land in specific cities of the US of which some are enumerated below:

Cargo Service

Code-Shared Service

Fly with China Airlines Business Class

China Airlines has garnered quite popularity since the day of its inception with its Business Class Seats being the prime and most sought after seats, especially for long journeys. Although expensive, Business class has much more to offer in terms of services, comfort and entertainment. To facilitate your comfort and convenience, apart from Sky Lounge and Finest dining experience, Business Class section is fully equipped with following:


This VIP lounge is available in selective cities of Unites States, namely, San Francisco and Honolulu. In here the elite business class customers are facilitated with benefits food and beverage bars, private washrooms, hand baggage room, free Wi-Fi and for entertainment some magazines and newspapers.

Business Class Seats

The comfort for Business class flight passengers gets even better after they board their flights, as the seats provided to them are of top quality having private storage & table lamp for night time reading along with 18” HD monitor. Enclosed seats offers much more privacy and can enfold into comfy flat bed.

Discover Miles with China Eastern Airlines Business Class

China Eastern Airlines business seats are designed keeping the travelers’ need for comfort, relaxation and full privacy in mind. Although not fully flat, the seats are in reverse herringbone form that reclines backward to quite an extent giving you a relaxing posture to sleep in. In some aircrafts the seats are in the pattern of 2-2-2 having 169 angle of recline with 59 inches tilt. China Eastern Airlines online check-in option is only available in the US cities – San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, while it networks in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Detroit. For entertainment purpose the private television screens stowed with the hand-rest of the seats having multitude options of films of Chinese, American and European origin. For noise cancelling and to watch movies in peace, headphones are also provided. Needs for relaxing trip such as pillow, blanket duvet, power plug etc along with personal AC and fully loaded amenity kit including lotions, bathroom essentials, shaving kit, ear plug and eye mask are also provided. As per the timing and duration of the flight you might get two fully prepared meals crafted delightfully by the top chefs of the world. With delicacy equipped in taking you to another world and fully chilled beverages including top notch brands of champagne, wine and beer. Apart from these meals, passengers can also ask for late night snack if they wish to do so.

Experience Southern Charm with China Southern Airlines Business Class

China Southern Airlines is crafted for providing full comfort and relaxation to its esteemed travelers. The airlines travel to the United States of America and lands on the airport of the following states:

The Business Class seats are right in front of upper deck and can be easily converted into flat bed for easy sleep. The seats are structured in 1-2-1 form wherein every passenger gets access to aisle easily. The flat bed comes in two lengths, namely, 1.95 m and 2.2 m with 62 cm being the constant width. It is designed to accord full relaxation to the passengers. The seats come with privacy divider that helps you to adjust the privacy as per your comfort. Amenities such as literature pocket, reading light, magazine rack, USB and power port along with 15 inch flat screen TV (LCD) is also provided. With around 1200 options of programs, having 600 hours of time killing entertainment passengers are bound to complete their journey in full relaxation mode and not an ounce of boredom. This China Southern Airlines offers myriad range of delicacies created by the esteemed and world renowned chefs. The meals are complimented with beverage options of your own choices and followed by finger licking desserts. From Chinese menu to fully loaded western menu, there is something for everyone on this flight.

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