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Highlight Reel – Cathay Pacific Business Class

Exclusive dedicated lounges with Noodle bars

Shower room in Lounges at various locations

Generous amount of Baggage Allowance

Award Winning Seats

Attendants who will aggrandize your travel experience

Awe inspiring Cabins

Priority Check Ins

Inflight tantalizing food and beverages

Unprecedented level of entertainment provided by StudioCX®

Amenity Kit made by Seventy Eight Percent including products by Aesop and Jurlique

Cathay Pacific Business Class

Cathay Pacific is one of the few airlines that have managed to stay at the apogee of the airline industry. Over the years, Cathay has provided a grand experience to all its passengers. To stay at the paramount of the airline industry, Cathay has always been inclined towards innovation and improvement. All of this can be noticed from the way their business class and economy class has improved over the years. The seats have been modified and so has the experience. The design of the cabin makes more space available for each and every passenger. The assiduous efforts of the hongkong based airline is truly an inspiration for everyone in the industry. This airline operates between 168 destinations and consists of a wide range of aircrafts such as: –

  1. Airbus A330
  2. Airbus A340
  3. Airbus A350
  4. Boeing 747
  5. Boeing 777

This airline caters to approximately 1 million passengers every year. Cathay Pacific is making a whole lot of money with the help of its innovative staff members.

Aircraft for Cathay Pacific Business Class

Business Class is in vogue and is taking over the market share of the first class tickets. The future of airline industry is marked with heavier competition in Business Class. This is why most airlines are trying to provide the most grand and exotic experience with as much price cuts as possible.

With Business Class you can: –

  • Enjoy the leisure
  • Savourtantalising food
  • Get priority check ins
  • Get a huge amount of baggage allowance

Cathay Pacific Business Class Review

Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounges

Lounges are available in a variety of locations. Cathay Pacific Hong Kong lounge is hailed as one of the best airline lounges in the world. Wing means high honor in Chinese and it does seem that this lounge is nothing less than something to take sheer pride in for the Cathay Pacific airlines. The Wing has a noodle bar dedicated for gourmands.

The Wing lounge Cathay Pacific

The Wing and the Pier are the only two lounges that cater to the First class passengers as well. The Pier is the largest lounge available with Cathay Pacific. The architecture of the whole lounge is unique and awe inspiring. The lounge provides great amount of facilities to kick back and relax and even to work. You can order a variety of dishes like dandan noodles and savour them with exotic wines. All of these dishes are created with authentic chinese ingredients. Not only meals and spirits but also non alcoholic beverages such as tea and coffee are included in the menu. You can order breakfast meals such as pancakes, sandwiches, pies and so on. Some lounges even have a shower room that are equipped with state of the arts facilities.

The Pier Lounge Cathay Pacific

The top notch facilities in the lounges enable you to keep the work going. You can access WIFI in the lounges and even use the printer and phones provided. There is a tea house available in The Pier that will be a dream come true for any tea enthusiast.Cathay is also expanding their lounges and improving them. A new lounge has been set up at Vancouver, Canada and is endowed with a Noodle bar which according to Nick Hays, Vice President of Cathay Pacific, Canada is, “really our signature.” He also mentioned that,This is part of a much larger rollout of lounges around our network 

Cathay Pacific Business Class Baggage Allowance

According to their website, generous amount of baggage allowance is provided for Cathay Pacific business class passengers. As on 15 september 2016, the baggage allowance is 40 kg / 88 lbs. You can easily bring additional luggage by undertaking further costs. There is an offer for the Marco Polo Club members. If you are a member with silver subscription or above, then you are entitled to bring additional luggage without entertaining additional cost. There is no additional cost for bringing in a small luggage aboard. You can also carry an additional item into the flight with you. Small briefcases and bags can be stored in the overhead compartment. Additional luggage that is huge can also be taken on board by purchasing an extra ticket. These can be things like your musical instruments or sports equipments or even a bag full of things. But i do shudder to think, that Brad Pitt will shout out loud at you, “What’s in the Bag?”

Cathay Pacific Baggage Allowance

We constantly strive to introduce initiatives that enable our customers to enjoy a journey Well Travelled. Our newly introduced baggage policy will benefit our customers by providing them with the advantage of carrying extra baggage without any additional fees. I am sure that our new baggage policy will give our valued customers yet another reason to travel the world with Cathay Pacific,” said Rajesh Menon, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager of Cathay Pacific South Asia. The new system enables passengers to carry more baggage and even lowers the charges on additional baggage.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Seats

The airline is known to brag a lot about their seats and why wouldn’t they? Cathay Pacific Business Class seats have won the award of best airline seats for more than a couple of times. The seats are reclinable and can be turned into a fully flat bed. These seats also have the option of movement. With a press of a button you will be able to recline into solitude from the other passengers and savour a nap while commuting. Cathay Pacific Business Class seats give each passenger a direct access to the aisle.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Reverse Herringbone Seats

The seats received heavy criticism after which the whole business class was revamped to be more spacious and provide more privacy to each and every passenger. Some aircrafts are still to be revamped but still the seating in them is quite comfortable. Cathay Pacific Business Class has featured both herringbone and reverse herringbone seats in its flights.Cathay Pacific Business class seats are manufactured by Zodiac which is based in America. They revamped the seating of the aircraft’s for more comfort and privacy. The most celebrated reverse herringbone Cirrus style seats have been installed on the flights. This makes all the seats face the window. For middle seats a barrier has been provided which can be used to gain extra privacy. Though these seats only feature on all longhaul flights and some short distance flights.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Service

The attendants are experienced and well versed in the art of hospitality. They will personally greet you by your name. They are highly efficient in recognising the preferences and needs of the passengers. Leave it to them to aggrandize your whole travel experience. These attendants will also provide you with a review card on which you can provide your rating for the overall experience and any ideas you may have to improve this experience.

Cathay Pacific Attendants

Cathay Pacific means business when they talk business. The cabins are designed to provide you with privacy and a whole lot of space to work in. There is a privacy partition that can be used while working to avoid distractions. The table can be cluttered with work tools such as laptops and smartphones. You can even charge your devices while working with them and adjust lights to make the ambiance perfect to work in. Priority check ins will enable you to avoid the hustle and bustle of standing in a line. You will not have to wait. Cathay Pacific Business class priority check ins will get you to the front desk in the airport in no time at all. There is a separate line for the business class travelers. These travelers can avoid the regular line which can bring people to their wit’s end.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Food

Not only the lounges but also the in-flight food istantalising and can give a person an out of the world experience. The food is prepared with inseason and authentic ingredients. Cathay’s flights enables you to savour ethnic Chinese food such as noodles and dumplings. Seasoned salads are available for the health conscious passengers. The food is prepared by some of the best chefs working in Cathay Pacific Catering Services (CPCS.)
Like the lounges, hot beverages such as coffee and tea are available on the flights as well. You can order from a wide range of award winning wines and spirits. You can even have a sommelier choose the best wine for you according to your meal options. Food is complimentary in long haul flights. Some alcoholic beverages are available without cost to even Cathay’s economy class passengers.

Cathay Pacific Dan Dan Noodles

In business class, you can order freshly baked bread, freshly brewed coffee and freshly cooked eggs for a nutritious and balanced breakfast. In dessert you can order ice creams and even ask for some chocolates. The dinner has been prepared in collaboration with Mandarin Oriental Group but this is available only in Cathay Pacific First Class.

According to their website, the following wines are available for Cathay Pacific Business Class and First Class:-

  • Jean-Marc Brocard Chablis Grand Cru 2013
  • Akarua Pinot Noir Bannockburn Central Otago 2013
  • Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi Mormoreto, Toscana IGT 2010
  • Yealands Estate Land Made Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2015
  • Dandelion Vineyards Lionheart of the Barossa Shiraz 2013
  • PietraRegiaRiservaMorellino di ScansanoRiserva DOCG 2011

Cathay Pacific Wines

Want more, Cathay Pacific has partnered with Hyatt Hotels to provide some of the most tantalising food onboard. The talent of Hyatt’s best chefs combined with the high end facilities provided by Cathay Pacific airlines will definitely make for a great flight experience. Bizjournals also mentioned that Cathay will create its first class and business class menu in collaboration with Chicago based chef Edward Sura from NoMi restaurant.
“Our collaboration with Cathay Pacific combines the best of two worlds — Hyatt’s commitment to memorable dining experiences and Cathay Pacific’s unrivaled travel experiences across international destinations,” said Peter Roth, Vice President of Operations at Hyatt. The entertainment service is provided in collaboration withStudioCX® .StudioCX® has equipped all the flights with state of the art entertainment system. There is a huge touch screen personal television available to each passenger in the business class. You are provided with a sound proof headphones to augment your experience.

Cathay Pacific Entertainment System – Studiocx

There is a video and audio in demand option available as well. You can select from a wide range of movies, television shows, music and so on. Listening to the radio and playing games will take out the banal experience while commuting. The entertainment system hosts latest movies and television series and classics as well.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Amenities

Seventy Eight Percent designed the amenity kit for Cathay Pacific Business class passengers. This Hong Kong based firm has been hailed as one of the fastest developing and most innovative designing companies of Asia. Aesop and Jurlique products are provided inside this bag. Jurlique products have been celebrated as some of the best skin care commodities. This australian brand has catered to the needs of millions of customers with their synthetic as well as organic health products. The natural and organic products provided by this brand are included in the Cathay Pacific Business Class Amenity Kit. This luxury amenity kit has everything that you may require such as socks and toiletries.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Amenity Kit

You may feel free to ask for a pair of pyjamas from the attendants. You are also provided with comfy pillows and a blanket that will keep you warm and cozy throughout the night.

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