Austrian Airlines Business Class Flights Tickets

Austrian Airlines provides one of the best business class products. The fact is corroborated by stats. Through constant innovation, they have been successful in augmenting their customer base by a substantial amount. Their endeavors do not seem to abate in the wake of this success. A subsidiary of Lufthansa group, Austrian Airlines has indeed covered more ground by popularizing their new brand name.

Austrian Airlines’ fleet includes:

  1. Airbus A319-100
  2. Airbus A320-200
  3. Airbus A319-100
  4. Airbus A321-100/200
  5. Fokker 100
  6. Airbus A350-1000
  7. Bombardier Q400
  8. Boeing 767 -300ER
  9. Boeing 200ER

Major Destinations served by Austrian Airlines:

The flagship carrier of Austria is hailed by many as being the best. Though we mustn’t believe on hearsay. Let’s analyse what Austrian Airlines business class has to offer and how much can it amplify the travelling experience of passengers.

Lounges that radiate an Aura of Luxury

Lounges are quite astonishing and radiate an aura of luxury. Although, to get to this lounge you will have to wait in a queue. Lack of fast track service is a bummer. Still, you get to relax in an ambience endowed with tranquility. For more comfort and furnished with highly luxurious materials.

Want a more relaxing experience?

Head over to the private rooms at the end of the lounge. The comfy reclinable seats are perfect for enjoying a quick nap. Dim the lights and soak in the sheer comfort at these lounges. These facilities are only available at some prime lounges like the one in Vienna. Also, at the lounge in Vienna, you can connect your devices to a high speed wi-fi. Private showers are the main feature of these lounges. Wash away the fatigue caused by the commute to the airport and enjoy the refreshing snacks and beverages offered at the lounge’s bar.

Cabins and Seats that scream comfort

Take it into account that you are assured a seat with direct aisle access in Boeing 767 and some flights with Boeing 777. Not having a direct aisle access can bring people to their wit’s end. Considering the fact that people regularly need to get out of their seats for using the amenities. You can even do away with the fear of getting disturbed by fellow passenger. Let’s get to the seats as they are obviously a big deal with air travel. The seats are comfortable as well as reclinable. A remote control in front of your seat enables you to recline without hassle. When fully extended into a bed, the length of the seats becomes 2 meters approximately. In addition to this, passengers can also lift up the pad for storage area provided under the touchscreen for completely stretching out their legs while lying down. The width of the seats are a deal breaker though. There isn’t enough room to get cozy up and turn around while sleeping. They more than make it up for it by providing a massage feature in their seats. With the click of a button, the seat starts vibrating, sending ripples through your body for amplifying relaxation. Their cushions are something to fall in love with. The air cushion is a product provided only in Austrian Airlines business class. Adjust those reading lights that are adjunct to the seat, though are quite an important feature for people who love to read. Brightness of the LEDs can be adjusted for providing more comfort to your eyes.

Wining and Dining

Ever heard of flying chefs?

It is a unique concept, much like the air cushion, of Austrian Airlines. World renowned chefs are a part of crew for long haul flights. With suggestions from you, they can curate the perfect dish that tantalises your tastebuds. This also enables that passengers to thank the chef for preparing a mouthwatering meal. Speaking of meals, they are served at specific intervals. Short intervals between meals enables passengers to get a taste of myriad cuisines. Further, it is considered better to have small meals at regular intervals than a large meal. Large meals make me feel so bloated. Attendants serve the deserts around in trolleys. Select the cuisine you like and just pick it up. Another concept, titles the flying coffee house, let’s passengers choose from over 10 different types of coffee.

Unprecedented level of Entertainment

A plethora of entertainment options can be accessed through the 15 inch High definition touchscreen monitor. Both video and audio options are available. Movies, music, tv shows and audiobooks concatenate up to more than 500 hours of entertainment options. 500 hours of video & audio entertainment Passengers can recline their seats and soak in a few classics.

Amenity Kit

All basic amenities are available in the amenity kit. From face cream to shaving kits, to toothbrush and ear plugs, everything is stuffed inside this tiny container. Those ear plugs do come in handy when you want to sleep and there is a screaming brat besides you. Amenity kits differ according to the destination of the flight. On their way to Vienna, passengers are provided with a shoe bag.

Austrian Airlines in a Glance

Basis Status
Launched 30 September 1957
Corporate HQ Vienna
Focus City Graz
Major Hubs Vienna International Airport
Major destinations served Frankfurt
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York
Lounge Vienna
Also Star Alliance lounges
Air Fleet Airbus A319-100
Airbus A320-200
Airbus A319-100
Airbus A321-100/200
Fokker 100
Airbus A350-1000
Bombardier Q400
Boeing 767 -300ER
Boeing 200ER

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