Asiana Airlines Inc., formerly named as Seoul Airlines, is one of South Korea’s two major airlines in South Korea. It is headquartered in Asiana Town building in Seoul. The airline company was founded on 17th February 1988. It offers flights to 14 domestic and 90 international destinations.

Asiana Airlines Inc. Codes, Call Sign and Headquarter

  • IATA Code:         OZ
  • ICAO Code:         AAR
  • Call Sign:              ASIANA
  • Head Quarter:   Asiana Town building, Seoul

Asiana Airlines Hubs

Asiana Airlines Hub - Airports used as transfer points to get passengers to their intended destination.

  • Gimpo International Airport
  • Incheon International Airport

Asiana Airlines In-Flight Entertainment

Asiana Airlines provides you with a wide range of the most recent movies, documentaries, etc. or try of the games which have already been uploaded to the company’s in-flight entertainment system. Relax, listen to calm traditional music, all specific to make your flight the most enjoyable.

Asiana Airlines Food and Beverage

Asiana Airlines give you exceptional in-flight meal-service offering both Western and Korean menus of best qualities. The Airline caters to popular national dish and is available on certain specific flights which depart for domestic and overseas locations. The company also provides a full-course meal with a vast elaborate menu that includes Chinese meals, Japanese & also snacks. In addition, the airline also offers the finest champagnes which are selected by the world's top wine-waiters, are served. Wines from as France, Germany and America along with varied other beverages. 

A330-300 serves the best RA-certified eco-friendly coffee and also Italian espresso.

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Asiana Airlines Check-in and Baggage allowance

  • Asiana Airlines Check-in

The online check-in facility has wholly solved the pain of standing in a queue. Thus eliminating both time and energy consumption. Please remember to check-in at least 24 hours prior to departure. Since you can easily check-in on the internet, you can do it from wherever you are. However, if you want to check-in at the airport, please do try to reach 3 hours prior to departure.

For the Business class, Checked-in luggage should not exceed 2 pieces, with a maximum weight of 32 kg and a maximum dimension of 62 linear 70 lb/32 kg.

Popular routes for Asiana Airlines