ANA Business Class Flights Tickets

ANA Business Class- Highlight Reel

Special Lanes to Fast Track entry at Airport
Priority Check in for baggage
Lounge access for you and companions
Free preflight drinks by Pista Cafe
Authentic Japanese and Western Cuisines
Wines selected by sommeliers like Ned Goodwin
Reclinable Seats that can be turned into a flat bed
Secret Storage Space
All encompassing amenity kit
Entertainment System that features movies, tv shows, music and audiobooks

All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is one of the largest players in the aviation industry and the largest one in Japan. Catering to the needs of domestic and international travelers, it has certainly been making headlines. The airline, with headquarters at Tokyo, has always been passionate about advertising. Their redesigned Boeing 787 Dreamliner is based on the most celebrated robot, R2 D2.

In the words of R2-D2 All Nippon Airways is, “Beep Bloop Bl…Bloop Bleep Blop….eep!” C-3PO translated it as, “It is Legen…wait for it…Dary!” This depicts the airline’s objective to be able to better connect with their customers and fans.

All Nippon Airways has been acclaimed with 5 star rating from SkyTrax. According to wikipedia, the following aircraft’s are available in the inventory of this Japanese aviation conglomerate.

Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 777-200ER
Boeing Boeing 787-8

In additional to all these, the carrier has ordered state of theart aircrafts like Boeing 787-10 and Airbus A380-800. All Nippon Airways takes pride in being the largest operator of Boeing 787-8. All the evidence provided above should substantiate my point that, an operator like All Nippon Airways must have brought out the big guns for their Business Class cabins.

Let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly of ANA Business Class.

ANA Business Class Services

Standing in a line while staring at the clock can bring people to their wit’s end. Luckily ANA Business Class offers the opportunity for a fast track check in. Special lanes have been built exclusively for first class and business class passengers.

A corporation like ANA does do a lot in order to humanize their brand. Prior to the other passengers seniors, expecting mothers and PWDs are taken through the priority check in. This shows how much they care about the wellbeing of their customers. They are truly trying to ‘Heal the World, Make it a better place.’

In Bangkok, there is an immigration priority lane available as well. This lane enables passengers to avoid the hassle filled lines for immigration. The immigration check takes a lot of time. At least, ANA business class passengers do not have to wait long to get through the verification process. There is a special counter for ANA business class passengers.

Baggage allowance is more than generous. You can even carry a small bag or briefcase on board. There is a priority check in for your baggage as well. You can check in the bag online. This makes it easier to move around without that heavy baggage that you might have cursed yourself for packing. A special tag can be used for baggage with fragile items. These packages are transported with utmost care.

According to their website, they have priority lanes in the following locations:

ANA Business Class Lounges

The best lounge experience awaits you at ANA business class lounges. These lounges are equipped with state of the arts facilities and are designed to a T to give better comfort to passengers and their companions.

Yes, you read it right. You may take a few companions with you to the lounge still the number of companions allowed differs according to location of the lounge.

Children under the age of 2 are not counted as companions. You need to provide both the mileage card and boarding pass before you are allowed entry into the lounge.

Not all lounges are equipped with the premium service provided for ANA business class passengers. This makes it imminent for passengers to check for the services offered in the lounges according to the airport they are boarding their flight from.

Also, the opening and closing timing of lounges is separate. The opening and closing timings also differs according to the class in which the passenger is travelling and according to the type of flight, i.e., international or domestic. The lounges for international flights operate for a longer period of time than those for the domestic one.

The flight menu is the prototype for the lounge menu. You will definitely get a taste of authentic Japanese food served on the flight even before boarding the flight. Just like the flight menu, the lounge menu is divided into categories according to breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and so on. This makes it easier for you and your companions to select the food that might improve your mood.

Lounges feature both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. You can easily sip on your green tea while having a little chat with your companions. The lounge is designed beautifully and is a perfect place to get some work done in. The comfy seats and the aesthetic design, that will always please the the beholder, makes for a great preflight experience when mixed with a little bit of the exotic Japanese food.

Some meals and drinks that we recommend

Plain Cereal
Japanese omelet
Dried seaweed
Japanese style green tea
Hot soup
Naruto’s favourite ramen.

Before boarding the flight, most passengers, at the celebrated Haneda International Airport, are offered a free drink from “Pista Cafe.” There are toiletries available in the lounges as well as the flights, but more on that later. At some lounges, like the one at Narita International Airport, passengers can enjoy a preflight shower to wash away all the fatigue from their travel to the airport.

ANA Business Class Food

Both western and Japanese cuisines are featured in the ANA business class menu. The food is selected by connoisseurs and drinks by sommeliers. The food can make you think as if you were literally in paradise. Though, do not eat the apple; you know why?

The food is designed and created with the help of both Japanese and western chefs and food specialists. Other Chefs from world’s leading restaurants are invited to contribute towards making the menu as suitable for passengers as possible. The availability of a vast range of food makes it possible for each passenger to select the food of their liking.

The Japanese food, especially, is created to sheer perfection. The food can give you nirvana without sitting down for hours and…well breathing.
A few Washoku that you must try

Rice Balls: O-nigiri, is created by mashing the rice and shaping it into triangular form. You must remember it from various animes.

Sake: the traditional japanese rice wine goes well with a huge variety of food and gives the perfect opportunity to get inebriated on the flight.
Hanai-Jidori: served sashimi style, this cuisine is created with fresh meat and is best served hot.

Kiritanpo-nabe: another mashed rice cuisine with a little soup and a whole lot of vegetables will suit the requirements of health conscious vegetarian passengers.
Naruto’s Favourite Ramen: a variety of these are available on the flight.

You can order from menu and get an on demand cuisine. This makes it easier for passengers to choose what they love and have it on their table within the blink of an eye. The palate is decorated aesthetically and will please your eyes before pleasing your taste buds.

Ned Goodwin, the Australian born Master of Wine, helps in selecting the best wines that will tantalise the tastebuds of western passengers as well as asian passengers. Still, the guy has nothing to do with either Ned Stark or William Goodwin, or he would have been either dead or…dead. Ned Goodwin also runs his school for winery and cuisines.

The level of proficiency of the sommeliers combined with the taste of selected wines can give people an out of body experience. You do not even have to know the right wine that will go perfectly with your food. All you need to do is ask the attendant to provide you with the right wine. The menu features some of the best wines and even some award winning wines. The wines are selected with the help of test groups as well.

Some top picks from the wine list

Montevicchio Rosso Ned Goodwin MW Selection 2016
Montevicchio Bianco Ned Goodwin MW Selection 2016
Château Blaignan 2012
Douzo Meshiagare!

ANA Business Class Amenities

Most aircraft’s for long haul international flights have seats that can be turned into a fully flat bed. Other aircraft’s are equipped with reclinable seats with plenty of room to stretch out your legs in. In long haul flights, each seat has a direct aisle access.

The seats provide absolute comfort and offer a great opportunity to get a shut eye in. Blankets and pillows are available to keep you warm throughout the flight. You can keep your shoes inside the shoe storage and instead get slippers. An ottoman has been provided to rest your legs on. The ottoman can be lifted and used for storing package. There is some storage space available beneath the seats as well. That’s some real spy movie stuff.

The tables have ample amount of space that can be used to enjoy the fine dining offered for the ANA business class passengers or for doing some important work. In-seat USB and power port have been provided CUZ the work must go on. You can just switch on the Do not disturb light and work for hours on end.

The amenity kit is an amalgamation of all the basic products that you will need on the flight. The products are designed and manufactured by the renowned British brand Neal’s Yard Remedies. The organic skin care material like:

White Tea Facial
Shea Nut and Orange Organic Lip Formula
Bee Lovely Hand Cream

Are produced after a lot of research.
Moreover, you get toiletries in a kit made from natural canvas. This makes the kit bag sustainable and suitable for home use. You will also find toothbrush and toothpaste inside this all encompassing amenity kit. This kit bag is only available on select ANA business class routes.

You can also get comfy night wear clothes in certain routes. Slippers are available to give you the freedom from shoes. A pillow and blanket will keep you warm throughout the night. A foot roller can be availed that really makes people feel as if they were in heaven.

ANA Business Class Entertainment

Who would not love to re-watch a classic they loved? Or you may have missed a recent blockbuster that you thought of enjoying at a movie theater. From classics to recent blockbusters and more are all featured on the ANA business class entertainment system.

The movies as well as television shows have been categorized on the basis of genre to make it easier for you to select the right one according to your frame of mind. There are a lot of television programs available with all episodes. Movies as well as television shows are available on demand for all ANA business class passengers.

For edification purposes, you may enjoy a few audio-books. We recommend playing them at a faster speed and taking notes in order to gain the most from your time. Noise cancelling headphones plugged in on the portable media player can help you in getting through a few magazines that feature awesome content. Just think about how much you can learn if you use your time wisely.

How can we help? A whole lot of problems convoluted around the ticket booking process such as:-

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  3. You may end up with a booking in aircraft that does not offer premium services.

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