American Airlines International Business Class Tickets

Nothing is more American than American Airlines. Though this isn’t something that should enforce or even motivate people to travel with American Airlines International Business Class. But in addendum to their name, their services also work as a passenger magnet. So let us look at some of these services that have never failed to woo customers.

American Airlines’ fleet includes, but isn’t limited to:

  1. Airbus A320 – 200
  2. Airbus A330 – 300
  3. Airbus A350 – 900
  4. Airbus A319 – 100
  5. Airbus A350 – 900
  6. Airbus A321neo
  7. Embraer E190
  8. Boeing 737 – 800
  9. Boeing 737 MAX 8
  10. Boeing 757 – 200
  11. Airbus A321 – 200
  12. Boeing 767 – 300ER
  13. Boeing 737 MAX 8
  14. Boeing 777 – 300ER
  15. Boeing 787 – 9
  16. Embraer E190
  17. McDonnell Douglas MD – 83

American Airlines’ major hubs are located at:

American Airlines International Business Class: A true passenger magnet

Services - Spacious Cabins and Comfy Seats

Absolute comfort and luxury can be experienced in American Airlines business class. To up the ante, they have provided reclinable seats that convert into a fully flat bet with the press of a button. The seats are adjustable, enabling passengers to the the amount of leg space they would want. Seats have been developed after rigorous research process. Each seat comes with a power port and a USB port. Passengers do not have to share these ports, thus saving you a fight with fellow passengers. Table provides ample space for working. Passengers can carry their laptops and smartphones for working in sheer leisure. Further, a privacy divider can be used for ignoring the passenger sitting besides you. Just put up the divider and let the message float in the air. On flights without bed converting seats, American Airlines Business Class offers additional legroom. In addition to this, by shifting the seats, passengers can easily create more space for relaxing those legs.

Colossal amount of Storage Space

Ample storage space ensures that passengers can secure their personal items with ease. We would recommend that you put your passport in those secure storage spaces. This will save you from any threat of identity theft. You can also store carry bags or wallets that you carried along with you.

More baggage allowance than you can ever imagine

Total baggage allowance of up to 32 kgs can be checked in with American Airlines business class. In addition to this, passengers can also carry along with them a handbag containing their devices such as laptop, smartphones. Bags are processed and delivered on time, even for international destinations.

Wining and Dining

Food that will blow your mind

A personalized business class experience is serviced through on demand food. Food is curated by some of the top chefs in the world. World renowned chefs are hired for preparing the menu of American Airlines business class. Fine china and Flatware cutlery are available for use. Presentation along with the tantalizing taste of food delights both your eyes as well as your taste buds. They do aim to provide a truly immersive experience for passengers through food. Local delicacies as well as international ones are available on the flight, as well as in the lounges.

Pre-order Food

American Airlines also enables passengers to pre-order their food. By doing so., they get greater flexibility to shape their entire journey experience. Though this option is only available for domestic flights. Food can be booked 30 days prior to the flight. The food booking period closes 24 hours before a flight. The ambience along with the cutlery provide a grand and sophisticated environment for dining.


When it comes to entertainment, American Airlines seems to be at the pinnacle. Infusing the party culture of US with their inflight experience makes them one of the most entertaining business class products. In some flights they even provide a personal entertainment media player. Noise Cancelling headphone by BOSE are provided to all business class passengers. Their entertainment system is an amalgamation of movies, tv shows, music and audiobooks. Passengers can ask for exclusive AA magazines from attendants.

American Airlines in a Glance

Basis Status
Launched 15th April, 1926
Corporate HQ CentrePort, Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Major Hub Cities Dallas (Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport)
Los Angeles (Los Angeles International Airport)
New York City (JFK International Airport)
New York City (LaGuardia Airport)
Charlotte, North Carolina (Charlotte Douglas International Airport)
Philadelphia (Philadelphia International Airport)
Washington DC (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport)
Chicago (O’Hare International Airport)
Miami (Miami International Airport)
Phoenix (Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport)
Parent Company American Airlines Group
Frequent Flyer Program Advantage
Air Fleet Airbus A320 – 200
Airbus A330 – 300
Airbus A350 – 900
Airbus A319 – 100
Airbus A350 – 900
Airbus A321neo
Embraer E190
Boeing 737 – 800
Boeing 737 MAX 8
Boeing 757 – 200
Airbus A321 – 200
Boeing 767 – 300ER
Boeing 737 MAX 8
Boeing 777 – 300ER
Boeing 787 – 9
Embraer E190
McDonnell Douglas MD – 83
Major Destinations Served London (Heathrow, Gatwick)
Hong Kong
Buenos Aires

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