American Airlines Business Class Flights Tickets

American Airlines lovingly called as American is considered to be one of the most loved airlines of the United States of America. It is headquartered in Texas’ Fort Worth region and is also labeled as the largest airline in terms of aircraft fleet, number of destinations served, kilometer completed and number of passengers flown across. In collaboration with its regional counterparts American Airlines has structured and caters for both domestic and international destinations with at least 6700 flights flown every day that touch about 350 cities in around 50 countries. To serve such large number of cities, the airline consists of air fleet of 937 aircrafts of which main categories are as follows:

  1. Airbus A319 – 100
  2. Airbus A320 – 200
  3. Airbus A321 – 200
  4. Airbus A321neo
  5. Airbus A330 – 200
  6. Airbus A330 – 300
  7. Airbus A350 – 900
  8. Boeing 737 – 800
  9. Boeing 737 MAX 8
  10. Boeing 757 – 200
  11. Boeing 767 – 300ER
  12. Boeing 777 – 200ER
  13. Boeing 777 – 300ER
  14. Boeing 787 – 8
  15. Boeing 787 – 9
  16. Embraer E190
  17. McDonnell Douglas MD – 82
  18. McDonnell Douglas MD – 83

The AA also boasts of being the founding member of alliance called Oneworld, one of the largest alliance in terms of airlines of the world that basically regulates the services, fares and schedule flights in tandem with Iberia, British Airways and Finnair for transatlantic destinations while on the other hand for transpacific destinations Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines is approached. American Airlines caters for domestic transport of passengers and cargo within the boundary of the United States of America with following states:

Business Class

Business Class cabins come under mid segment cabins with top being first class and the third cabin is economy class (occasionally Premium Economy might also be there). In American Airlines domestic route, Business class cabins are provided on aircrafts Boeing 777 – 200 (772) and Boeing 787. Although Boeing 787 aircraft is assigned for international destinations, it at times does transport between Chicago and Dallas to familiarize the cabin crew. On the other hand, Boeing 777 – 200 makes flight between Miami to Los Angeles, Miami to Dallas and Miami to Orlando on daily basis more than one time in a day.


Travelling within these domestic business class cabins of American Airlines can cover the journey of the traveler in comfort and relaxation by lying down in fully flat bed cum seats which come with both pre-set and flexibility between different positions that can be controlled annually by the passengers. After complete in depth research these seat have into being to provide perfect comfort for the passengers. Other technicalities like power ports for charging have also been provided with the seats.

Dining Options

Fine Dining & Wine for Luxury Travel

Extensive Menu with Personal Touch

Business Class cabins are served with top priority and extended menu through which passengers can choose any of the delicacy they wish to savor. The cutlery is made of fine China and Flatware that along with menu items depicting the destination to which flight is travelling towards makes for sophisticated dining experience.

Pre-order Meal Option

The flights which consist of scheduled meal services traveling between different cities of the USA, passengers have the option to reserve their meal in advance:

Reservation of meals starts as early as 30 days and goes up to 24 hours prior to departure date.

At the time of booking or looking for suitable flight on

Chilled Beverage Options

The business class cabins are stocked with custom selected wines as per the destination of the flight. There is a rigorous process followed before zeroing down on the wines that will be catered for the businesses class passengers. Several other beverage options are also available which are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

American Airlines in a Glance

Basis Status
Launched 15th April, 1926 & Commenced on 25th June, 1936
Corporate HQ CentrePort, Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Major Hub Cities Charlotte, North Carolina (Charlotte Douglas International Airport)
Dallas (Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport)
New York City (JFK International Airport)
New York City (LaGuardia Airport)
Los Angeles (Los Angeles International Airport)
Miami (Miami International Airport)
Chicago (O’Hare International Airport)
Philadelphia (Philadelphia International Airport)
Phoenix (Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport)
Washington DC (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport)
Parent Company American Airlines Group
Frequent Flyer Program Advantage
Air Fleet Airbus A319 – 100
Airbus A320 – 200
Airbus A321 – 200
Airbus A321neo
Airbus A330 – 200
Airbus A330 – 300
Airbus A350 – 900
Boeing 737 – 800
Boeing 737 MAX 8
Boeing 757 – 200
Boeing 767 – 300ER
Boeing 777 – 200ER
Boeing 777 – 300ER
Boeing 787 – 8
Boeing 787 – 9
Embraer E190
McDonnell Douglas MD – 82
McDonnell Douglas MD – 83

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