Alitalia Business Class Flights Tickets

Alitalia, officially known as Alitalia – Società Aerea Italiana that basically refers to Italian Air Company, takes the position of being the flag carrier airlines of Italy. The corporate headquarter of the company is located in the town Fiumicino in Rome, Italy. The primary airport hub of Alitalia airlines is the airport of Fiumicino; Rome called Leonardo Da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport while a secondary one is situated in Milan called Milan Linate Airport. The focus cities and airports for the airlines constitute of following:

  • Catania – Fontanarossa Airport in Catania
  • Palermo Airport in Punta Raisi, Palermo
  • Venice Marco Polo Airport in Venice
  • Milan-Malpensa Airport in Milan
  • Turin Airport in Caselle Torinese, Turin

As of 30th September 2014, Air One – a budget subsidiary for Alitalia Airlines terminated its flight routines while in the same year the airlines was awarded the 11th position in the list of largest airlines in Europe.

The airlines name ‘Alitalia’ is a mix of Italian words and sound with ‘Ali’ meaning the ‘Wings’ and ‘Italia’ is defined as ‘Italy’. The airline currently consists of 103 aircrafts in its fleet with the categories being the following:

  1. Airbus A319 – 100
  2. Airbus A320 – 200
  3. Airbus A321 – 100
  4. Airbus A330 – 200
  5. Boeing 777 – 200ER
  6. Boeing 777 – 300ER

The aircrafts cater for more than 100 destinations across the world with main 5 destinations to the United States of America being the following:

Business Class Luxury

Business class luxurious services starts the moment you step out to reach the airport. Take in the opulence offered with magnificent business class cabin where you are welcomed with a drink of your choice, whether it is an aperitif, water or juice, is entirely up to the passengers. The travelers are also offered an amenity kits of Salvatore Ferragamo or of similar fame along with comfy pillow, warm blanket and food menus. Here’s a glance at two different classes of Business seats.

Long Haul Flights

Where Finest Service Meets Best Meal Options
Long Haul Business Class flights bring two exceptional pillars of quality together in form of culinary paradise and exemplary service by well trained cabin staff that will only enhance the overall journey.

Why go for Long Haul Alitalia Business Class?

  • Along with priority security check-in, business class passengers also enjoy grandness of lounges of both SkyTeam and Alitalia.
  • Extra baggage allowance benefit with two bags of 32 kg weight.
  • The comfy leather encased seats come with reclining option of full 180° that turn into fully flat bed position along with massage feature.
  • The new Airbus A330 aircrafts are equipped with light sensitivity feature that can be adjusted as per the comfort of the passenger and time of the day. These aircrafts are also color coded as per the time of the day and journey stage.
  • Along with regular menu of food and drinks, the airlines also offer the delicious Lavazza coffee options from decaffeinated and instant coffee along with various selection of teas.
  • For entertainment purpose, travelers can either watch movies and TV shows from numerous options present on air or play games and music.
  • The time spent on Alitalia airline is made even more enjoyable through night kit consisting of pillow and a blanket along with the ever special Bulgari amenity kit.
  • You can make the choice for your seat at the same while reserving for it with Alitalia Airlines.

Finest Cuisine on any Airline

The meal offered by Alitalia was declared as the best cuisine on an airline by more than 30,000 regular fliers for the year of 2016 making it 7th time in running that correspondence and asserts the news forwarded by the magazine called Global Traveler of the airlines being the best in industry where fresh and top quality meal is concerned.

Let your taste buds dine in culinary heaven as you take in a simple traditional Italian dish enhanced more via aroma and taste due to perfect blend of seasoning and herbs. These dishes hold special space in the heart of Italians as they have been passed down by generations. To complement such enriched platter of food, the passengers can also order for wines from the large collection made available for them. These fine wines have been handpicked by the expert sommelier of Alitalia in association with the Italian Sommelier Foundation. For those who are unable to select one, they can garner suggestion from the cabin staff that have been provided expert training from the esteemed Italian Sommelier Foundation of Rome. Be ready to try a new regional delicacy every single month.

Medium Haul Flights

Where Comfort Meets Efficiency

Medium Haul Business Class flights integrate business with elegance so seamlessly that your journey across the continent will pass in utmost relaxation.

Why go for Medium Haul Alitalia Business Class?

  • Along with priority security check-in, business class passengers also enjoy grandness of lounges of both SkyTeam and Alitalia.
  • Extra baggage allowance benefit with two bags of 32 kg weight.
  • When it comes to in-flight comfort, let’s start with large space for legs as well as better privacy as there are only four seats per row. The seats are cozy and cushy with soft leather to boot.

Fine Dining

  • Get welcomed like a King (or Queen) with your favorite beverage as soon as you enter the flight and take place at your seat.

Enhance your experience if Italian cuisine with on board menu full of Italian delicacies. This menu differs in different season, like in winters and summers, along with the duration of the flight that decides what kind of menu will be offered. In case the flight you are on is for shorter duration, you will be banqueted with delectable morsel along with hot and savory local dish, as breakfast, lunch or maybe dinner in accordance with the time of the flight.

A scrumptious meal is incomplete without a complementary drink and the staff at Alitalia airlines refuses to let a passenger be left discontented. All the dishes are accompanied with beverages of your choice from soft drinks and juices to bubbly aerated and fine wines. The flight duration will be completed with regular service of hot and cold drinks.

Passengers on the flights that take off after 12 in the noon can ask for an aperitif and will also be accorded with Limoncello drinks after the completion of any meal. For other passengers there is also an option of instant coffee by the ever famous Lavazza who are premiering their 100% original Arabica blend only on Alitalia flights.

The food will be brought in after providing every passenger with a damp and cool towel to refresh them.

Alitalia Airlines in a Glance

Basis Status
Launched 12th March 1999
Corporate HQ Fiumicino, Rome, Italy
Focus City Catania
Major Hub Cities Rome
Lounge Alia Lounge
Casa Alitalia lounges in Rome Fiumicino
Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate, Catania
Naples, Venice and New York
Air Fleet Airbus A319 – 100
Airbus A320 – 200
Airbus A321 – 100
Airbus A330 – 200
Boeing 777 – 200ER
Boeing 777 – 300 ER

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