The Air Serbia is the flag carrier airline of Serbia. The head office is located in Belgrade, Serbia. The main hub is in the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. The former name for the Air Serbia was Jat airways. It was founded 90 years ago on 17th June 1927. It has a frequent flyer program known as the “Etihad Guest”. It carries scheduled passengers to 42 destinations.


As a person travels from one place to another, baggage happens to be an important part of their journey. So here are the details about the baggage, a passenger should keep in mind while traveling by the Air Serbia.

Hand Baggage:

  • The passenger traveling in the Economy class can carry 1 piece of baggage with the maximum weight of 8Kg.
  • The dimension of the baggage should be 40cm X 20cm X 55cm.
  • If the passenger is traveling in the business class, they can carry 1 bag with 8kg (40cm X 20cm X 55cm) maximum weight along with a 4kg baggage (35cm X 20cm X 50cm).

Checked Baggage:

  • The free baggage allowance for the passengers traveling in the Air Serbia depends upon the destination.
  • For the passengers traveling to the US is 23kg, 2 baggage for Economic Class.
  • The passengers traveling in Business Class are allowed 2 baggage with the maximum weight of 32kg each.
  • The dimension of the baggage should not exceed 158cm.

Weight dimensions limits

Hand Baggage:  

  • Weight: 1 bag with 8kg (Economic Class) and 1 bag with 8kg + 4kg (business class)
  • Dimension: (40cm X 20cm X 55cm) for Economy Class/ (35cm X 20cm X 50cm)+(40cm X 20cm X 55cm) for Business Class

Checked Baggage:  

  • Weight: 23kg for Economy Class and 32kg for Business Class (2 bag each)
  • Dimension: 158cm

Infant Passenger Baggage Allowance:

  • Infants are not allowed any baggage.
  • They are only allowed one collapsible chair or any baby carrier along with the baby food.


  • The passengers can carry maximum baggage weight up to 32 kg.
  • The dimension of the baggage should not exceed 203cm.
  • The baggage exceeds these parameters should be transported through cargo.

Special baggage

The passengers who wish to carry extra baggage then they can purchase excess baggage online from the website. They can get discount up to the 46% to the airport extra baggage rates. If a passengers wish to carry musical instruments, they can carry it but it should not exceed the given dimension and weight otherwise extra fare will be charged. For the passengers who wish to carry the sports equipment, they have to follow the parameters set for that sport equipment.

Travelling pet

For the travel of the pet documents such as the medical certificate and documents regarding the transit and journey interruption points should be accompanied. The pets can only travel as a checked-in baggage. Only the guide dogs travel in the cabin along with the passengers.

Pet Policy

  • The two pets with the same litter can be placed in one carriage.
  • The weight of the pet along with the carriage should not exceed 8kg.
  • Only cats and dogs are excepted in the Air Serbia.

Baggage children

Checked Baggage:  

  • The free baggage allowance for the children is same as the adults.


If a passenger has received damaged baggage, they can contact lost and found department or local baggage claim as soon as they land so that they can file for the Damaged Pilferage Report. You must report about it before the 7 days of the damage. Once the report is filed, you will have to fill the claim form and then the further process will take place.

Restricted items

  • Lighters
  • Fuels for lighters
  • Cylinders and non-flammable gases
  • Carbon dioxide in form of dry ice
  • Weapon Cartridge
  • Wet batteries
  • Dry cell batteries and lithium batteries
  • Stoves and Flammable liquids
  • Inflammable solids
  • Objects containing mercury
  • Heat producing items
  • Portable medical devices
  • Chemicals
  • Explosives and fireworks
  • Oxidising Substances
  • Radioactive elements and substances
  • Toxic materials
  • Corrosive and magnetized materials
  • Infectious substance