The Air North Charter and Training Ltd. operates as the Air North, Yukon’s Airline. It is a Canadian airline based in the Whitehorse Yukon. It provides its services to the 10 destinations. It was founded in the year 1977. Its hub is at Whitehorse International Airport while it is headquartered in Whitehorse, Yukon. It operates a scheduled passenger and cargo flights as well as the charter flights. It even provides ground handling services throughout the Yukon.


The baggage happens to be an essential part of the trip whether the passenger is traveling for the business purpose or the personal reasons. So to avoid the inconvenience at the airline or the flight, the airlines have set some parameters regarding the baggage size and weight. The details are below:

Hand Baggage:

  • The number of baggage depends upon the routes of the passenger.
  • For Northern routes, the passenger can 1 baggage with the dimension 38cm X 23cm X 28 cm and weight of the baggage should be 5.9kg or 13lbs.
  • For the Southern routes, the passenger cab carries 2 pieces of baggage with the dimension 54cm X 23cm X 38cm and the weight of the baggage should be 10kg or 22lbs.

Checked Baggage:

  • Only 2 pieces of baggage are allowed as the Checked-in baggage in both the routes.
  • The maximum weight of the baggage in the Southern route is 45kg (combined weight) with 32kg being the maximum weight of the single baggage.
  • The maximum weight of the baggage Northern route 20kg.
  • Any bag with more than 32kg will be shipped through cargo.

Weight dimensions limits

Hand Baggage:  

  • Weight: 5.9kg Northern routes/ 10kg Southern Routes
  • Dimension: (38cm X 23cm X 28) Northern routes/ (54cm X 23cm X 38cm)Southern Routes

Checked Baggage:  

  • Weight: 45kg for Southern routes and 22kg for Northern routes

Infant Passenger Baggage Allowance:

  • The infants are allowed 10kg of the baggage.
  • They are also allowed a collapsible carriage as they are not given a seat.


  • The maximum baggage allowed for the passenger is 4 pieces, more than the limit should be shipped through cargo.
  • Excess charge for the charge depends on the weight of the baggage and not on the quantity for northern route.
  • If a passenger carries extra weight while traveling in the southern routes will have to pay extra 30$+GST+PST+HST per baggage.
  • In the southern route, they are permitted only 2 pieces of baggage

Special baggage

The Air North permits its passenger to carry extra weight but that should not exceed the maximum weight limit otherwise they should cargo extra weight. The passengers can carry special items such as Bicycles, Canoes and Kayaks, sports equipment, fragile and valuable items and firearms. As they will be carried as the checked-in baggage. They should be under the weight limit set by the airline as well as overweight items will be charged extra. As firearms come under IATA dangerous items, they should be packed separately and should not weight less than 5kg. Some some items carriage fees along with the taxes is applied for example bicycles (26.25$ to 28.25$).

Travelling pet

If a passenger wants to carry pets with them in the flights, there are some measure which is to be taken. The pets allowed in the flight are dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds. The pets should be minimum of 8 months or older. The passengers should have medical certification, not more than 10 days old and value of shipment document.

Pet Policy

  • Pets can only be carried as the checked-in baggage or cargo.
  • The pets traveling as the carry-on baggage travel as a free baggage allowance.
  • The pets weight and the dimension of the carriage should be according to the airline's rules and regulations.

Baggage children

Checked Baggage:  

  • The Children are allowed same baggage allowance as an adult traveling in the airline.


The Air North is very cautious when it comes to the passenger's baggage, but if your baggage is damaged by any reason then you will have to go the customer care agent. You will have to fill a form regarding the damaged baggage. An amount will be settled for your damage which will be equal to the damage repair which is maximum up to 250$. But the damage should not be due to overweight and oversize reasons.

Restricted items

  • Liquid explosives
  • Lithium batteries
  • Toxic materials
  • Inflammable and compressed Gasses
  • Flammable solids
  • Harmful chemicals
  • Dry ice
  • Explosives
  • Radioactive elements or substances
  • Infectious substances.