Air New Zealand Business Class Flights Tickets

Air New Zealand Limited is the primeval carrier airline of New Zealand and is based in Auckland, operates scheduled flights to 21 domestic and 31 international destinations in 19 countries all around the Pacific rim and the U.K. The airline has been a member of the Star Alliance since 1999.

Due to this very reason, it becomes necessary that one flies with comfort. If you’re looking for flights to New Zealand, what if you could fly cheap and in royalty? How? Well, have you considered flying Air New Zealand on their Business Class cabin?

In a violently cutthroat competition around the world in flight market, the airlines continually search for something exquisite, to set themselves apart from the competitors. Air New Zealand Business Class has brought forth unique ideas which set them apart from other airlines. They have spent three years in developing a brand new long haul flying-experience – that which they call, ’forget everything you know about flying’.

Air New Zealand Info

Air New Zealand Codes, Call Sign and Headquarter

  • IATA Code:         NZ
  • ICAO Code:         ANZ
  • Call Sign:              NEW ZEALAND
  • Head Quarter:   Chicago

Air New Zealand Hubs

Air New Zealand In-Flight Entertainment

All seats have individual video screens which are controlled with fully-integrated handsets or through touch. United also provides an assortment of magazines on board and screens a sequence of short feature films on their 11-inch in-flight screens. Air New Zealand In-Flight magazine is complimentary for all the passengers flying on the ANZ. In-seat audio is also offered in the Boeing 737-800aircraft. Passengers flying Business Class in-flights for more than 2 hours will be presented a tablet, for use.

Air New Zealand Food and Beverage

Air New Zealand Business Class Meals: The Air New Zealand limited, is passionate about New Zealand food. You can relish the full-bodied flavors and experience bona fide tastes with our Business Premier™ menu

Codeshare Agreement with Other Airlines

Air New Zealand Codeshare with the following Airlines

Air New Zealand Check-in and Baggage Allowance

Online Check-in has become common for all/ most confirmed booking, done 24 hours before departure.

In the interest of safety for customers and employees, The Air New Zealand does not accept hover-boards, lithium batteries and/or Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices in the checked or carry-on baggage.

Free Baggage Allowance and Baggage Fees for flights

If you’ve by now, booked your flight with Air New Zealand, your baggage allowance is on your e-ticket.

If your journey consists of flights with other airlines, the Air New Zealand baggage allowance may not apply.

Popular routes for Air New Zealand

To conclude, let your next flight to New Zealand be on Air New Zealand business class.