Air New Zealand has founded 77 years ago on 26 April 1940 but its operations began on 1st April 1965. It has basically 3 hubs i.e. Auckland Airport, Wellington International Airport and Christchurch International Airport. It has It has a frequent flyer program known as the “Airpoints”. It is the flag carrier airline of the New Zealand. It basically flies to 52 destinations both domestic as well as the international.


A baggage happens to be an important aspect of the journey whether a person is traveling for business purpose or a vacation. The Air New Zealand has a set of rules regarding the baggage size and weight which kinds of avoids the hassle regarding the luggage during the flight. The details about the baggage are provided below:

Carry-On Baggage/Hand Baggage

  • Dimensions – 118cm or 46.5 in
  • Weight –7 Kg(Economy Class) and 14kg(Business Class and other Premium members)

Checked Baggage:  

  • Dimensions – 158 cm
  • Weight – 23kg (no. of bags varies for different class)

Weight dimensions limits

  • Weight- 7kg/14kg
  • Dimension- 118cm

Checked Baggage:  

  • Weight: 23kg 
  • In hold: 158 cm.

Infant Passenger Baggage Allowance:

  • Infants are allowed prams, stroller or car seat which can be folded and kept as a cabin luggage. In Air New Zealand infants are just allowed 2 or 1 piece of baggage or equipment but the airline doesn't include the baggage in it.


$60 to$300 is the price range for the excess baggage carried by the passengers traveling in the Air New Zealand.

Special baggage

The excess baggage carried by the passenger is only allowed in the airline if the passenger has paid the extra fare. The extra fare varies with the number of extra baggage. Also, the maximum weight which is allowed as the overweight luggage is 32kg. A normal baggage should weight 23kg but maximum limit is 32kg beyond it will not be entertained by the airline. The fares also depend upon the destination of the passengers. The passengers can also carry some sports equipment. The same fare is applied on this equipment as the baggage allowance.

Travelling pet

Due to lack of space in the airline, the passengers are allowed one pet. The pets are only allowed as the checked in baggage or in cargo. The pet should have the proper medical documentation and the documentation required for the travel.  

Pet Charges

Pet excess baggage charges are listed below

  • For the combined weight of the carriage as well as the pet should be maximum 25kg which will cost around NSD $75
  • For the weight more than 26kg and above the fare will be NZD $100

Baggage children

According to the norms of the airline.


If passengers have faced some problems or issues regarding the baggage, they can contact the baggage service office of the airline. If the passenger’s baggage is damaged or lost they can report about the same to the baggage service office. They will have to provide the receipt regarding the baggage and the airline will come to some solution.

Restricted items

  • Match box or lighter
  • Liquid oxygen equipment
  • Irritant devices or disabling devices
  • Aerosols products which not be used as the medical or toiletry items
  • Equipment which is basically used for security purpose
  • Lithium batteries with the rating more than 160wh or 8g or more liquid content.