Air Mauritius Limited operates as the Air Mauritius, which is the flag carrier airline of the Mauritius. It was founded on 14 June 1967 but its operations began in August 1972. it is headquartered at the Air Mauritius Centre which is in Port Louis, Mauritius. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is the main hub for the Air Mauritius. This Airline happens to be the fourth largest carrier in the Sub-Saharan Africa.


As all the passengers travel in the airline, they need to follow some set of rules and regulations regarding the baggage. Every airline has set a standard baggage size limit and weight limit, more than that will not be accepted or will be charged extra bucks. So here are the details about the baggage of the Air Mauritius.

Hand Baggage:

  • As a hand baggage, the passenger in Economy class is allowed 1 bag while a passenger in business class is allowed 2 pieces of luggage.
  • The weight of bag should not exceed 7kg.
  • The total dimension should be 115cm which includes length+breadth+height.

Checked Baggage:

  • The baggage dimension of should not exceed 158cm.
  • The weight varies to the destination.
  • For the Economy class, the maximum weight is 23kg while 32kg is the maximum limit for business class.
  • The number of bags changes according to the destination.

Weight dimensions limits

Hand Baggage:  

  • Weight: 7kg (all class)
  • Dimension: 115cm (all class)

Checked Baggage:  

  • Weight: Maximum 32kg
  • Dimension: 158cm (all class)

Infant Passenger Baggage Allowance:

  • 23kg is the maximum limit of the baggage which an infant is allowed in the Air Mauritius.
  • They are allowed only one piece of baggage.
  • If an infant is traveling on the route of Mauritius-Rodrigues (to-fro), the infant is only allowed the weight of bag max up to 5 kg.


  • Passengers traveling in the Air Mauritius are allowed the max weight of there baggage up to 32 kg. Beyond it is not excepted.
  • The price of the baggage varies according to the destination and the class of the passengers, i.e. business class or the economy class.

Special baggage

The special baggage includes the breakable items. The Air Mauritius does not take claims for the damaged goods so avoid putting the fragile and perishable items in the checked-in baggage. The frozen food is also considered as the special baggage items. They include meat and meat products along with the milk and milk products.

Travelling pet

Pets are allowed as the checked-in baggage only. They will not be considered in the free baggage allowance of the passenger.

Pet Policy

  • Pet is not considered as a cabin baggage.
  • The pet’s documentation and verification are done.
  • They should have a doctor’s approved health certificate for the travel.
  • Only the person with a disability is allowed cabin dogs which are allowed as a free baggage.

Baggage children

According to the norms of the airline.


If a passenger wants to claim for the damaged or the delayed baggage, they need to write a claim to the airline within the 7 days of the travel. After the investigation or the further process, you will be contacted accordingly

Restricted items

  • Firework and ammunition with the explosives
  • Pepper spray and disabling devices
  • Dangerous goods like lithium batteries
  • Radio-isotopic cardiac pacemakers or radio pharmaceuticals contained in the body of a person as the result of a medical treatment.
  • Matches and lighters
  • Lighter fuels and refills.