Air Jamaica was the national airline of Jamaica which was owned and managed by the Caribbean Airlines Limited. It is headquartered in Piarco, Trinidad, and Tobago. The hubs of the Air Jamaica are Norman Manley International Airport and Sangster International Airport. It was founded in October 1968. The airline flies to 19 destinations. It also had a frequent flyer program called as the “7th Heaven” for its passengers.


As baggage happens to be most important part of your travel, so there happen to be certain things you should keep in mind while traveling. To avoid the unexpected situation during your journey, there is certain information you should be aware of before your fight. You can read the baggage information below:

Checked Baggage:

The checked baggage is the baggage you are to allowed to check in free of charge. The checked baggage fees is the charges applied on the extra weight to the checked baggage. Each passenger is allowed to carry maximum 4 checked baggage on all the routes but excess baggage will only be accepted to the space availability. All the checked baggage must meet the checked baggage maximum dimension and the weight limitations.

Business Class:

  • They allow 3 pieces of luggage (all the routes).
  • Dimensions – 62 inches (Length + Breath + Height), Or 157 cm.
  • Weight – 23 kg or 50 lb (each 3 piece of baggage).

Economy Class:

  • They allow 2 pieces of luggage(Flex) and 1 piece of luggage (Semi-Flex and Non-Flex).
  • Dimensions – 62 inches (Length + Breath + Height), Or 157 cm.
  • Weight – 23 kg or 50 lb (each piece of baggage).

Weight dimensions limits

Checked Baggage:  

  • Weight: 24 - 32 Kg (51 - 70 lb) 
  • In hold: 158 - 292 cm (63 - 115 in) and length not exceeding 191 cm (75 in) .

Infant Passenger Baggage Allowance:

  • Entitled to 23 Kg or 50 lb checked in baggage along with the 1 free checked baby stroller or infant carrying basket.


  • Domestic destinations: For every extra bag or overweight bag, the passenger is charged with the additional charges of TTD 3.00/Kg plus the local taxes.
  • International destinations (Caribbean/Canada/South America): If a passenger is traveling in economy class, they will have to pay extra USD 30 for extra baggage and for each over-weight baggage USD 75. The passengers traveling in the business class will have to pay extra USD 75 for extra baggage as well as the over-weight baggage.

Special baggage

The sports and musical instruments which have the linear dimension up to 62 inches can be checked in as a free baggage. If they exceed the maximum dimension, they will be qualified as an over-sized luggage and will be charged accordingly.

Travelling pet

Pets must be allowed as a checked baggage. The pets should have a proper health certificate and a proof of the rabies vaccination. Except for the service dogs, all the pets are to be transported as a checked-in baggage.

Pet Policy

Important information regarding the pet policy:

  • Pets are only allowed as a checked-in baggage.
  • Pets traveling in the flight are subjected to the pet-hold-in fee.
  • The linear dimension of the container is 292 cm (115 inches) and the length should not be more than 191 cm (75 inches).
  • The maximum weight should not be more than 32 Kg (70 lb).

Baggage children

Checked Baggage:  

  • Dimensions – 62 inches (Length + Breath + Height), Or 157 cm
  • Weight – 23 kg
  • The baggage is same as an adult.


If your luggage is damaged during your travel, you should talk to the Air Jamaica representative before leaving the airport and you can demand the claim for your damaged baggage. Depending upon the damage a report will be filed and you will have to submit a written application within 7 days.

Restricted items

  • Boxes which may contain lithium batteries or pyrotechnic materials except the items permitted in section of the IATA DGR.
  • Disabling devices such as mace, pepper spray, etc.
  • Liquid oxygen canisters
  • Electroshock weapons
  • Matchboxes
  • Cigar lighters or blue flames
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device
  • Small vehicles which are powered by lithium batteries like hoverboards, mini-segways, and balance wheels.