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Highlight Reel – Air France Business Class

SkyPriority to fast track your entry

Priority check in and delivery of baggage

Grand lounges with Clarins spa treatment

Reclinable seats that can turn into fully flat beds

Adjustable reading lamp

Noise cancelling headphones

“Comfort and wellbeing” amenity kit

Food prepared by chefs acclaimed by Michelin Guides

Entertainment system featuring movies, shows and games

Redesigned cabins with reverse herringbone style seats

Air France Business Class

The french national airline with its headquarters at Tremblay-en-France has forever made headlines in the airlines industry. Air France has competed against some of the biggest players in the industry with its top notch services. The carrier operates in 168 destinations worldwide and has served more than 46,000,000 passengers.

Air France operates a large number of carriers such as: –

  1. A-380-800
  2. Boeing 777-300ER
  3. Boeing 777-200ER
  4. Boeing 787-300ER
  5. A318-100
  6. A319-100
  7. A320-200
  8. A321-200
  9. A330-200
  10. A340-300
  11. A350-900

Air France Operates the following four cabin classes:-

  • La Premiere {First Class} (only on select aircrafts)
  • Business
  • Premium Economy
  • Economy

All of this makes it easier for passengers to customize their travel experience according to their requirements and budget.

The flag carrier of France has spent more than 700 million US dollars on redesigning its long haul aircrafts. Each and everything was replaced with an aim to provide greater customer satisfaction. The airline has also been acclaimed as the highest ranking airline on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. They have also spent an equal amount of money to redesign their hub at paris.

To augment customer experience in terms of ease, the carrier also provides 24/7/365 customer support on social media. You can easily use #AirFrance to contact them on Facebook or Twitter and they will resolve your queries. All of this truly makes Air France one of the best in the industry. This is why we thought of analysing their Business class services and have provided a review below.

Air France Business Class Review

With First class dwindling into shadows, Business class is emerging as the new world heavyweight cabin champion. Business class is marked by features such as reclinable seats, good quality of food, grand lounges and much more. Let us see how good Air France Business Class is in actuality.

Air France Business Class Services and Lounges

The services provided in Air France Business Class are truly unprecedented. The first thing that you would really love after reaching the airport is the SkyPriority. You will be guided through direction signs towards the entry of the airport. Not only this, you will also be fast tracked through the security and you can have an attendant to guide you through the way ahead.

Not only you but also the Air France baggage has priority check in and delivery. Without any ado, you will be reunited with your baggage as soon as you get out of the flight. There is an option to drop off the baggage a day before flight.

You will be welcomed aboard by amiable attendants who will welcome you through your name. These attendants are passionate about what they do and will always prompt you about your needs and requirements. They will personally bring the food and drinks to your seat. They are gregarious and often engage passengers in warm and pleasant conversation. Talking to them will make your time fly by.

Waiting at the airport can become an arduous and time consuming task. What if there were a chance to savour the comfort and leisure of Air France Business Class way before the flight? Well there is a way and that is the Air France Business Class Lounges. These lounges are architectured in a manner to handle the maximum amount of people.


The lounger offer the perfect ambience to relax or work in. You can even order food and drinks before getting on the flight. The access to internet can behoove you by enabling you to send and receive mails and even read news. For complete relaxation, try the Clarins spa treatment that is only offered at Paris-Charles de Gaulle lounge for both men and women.

Air France Business Class Amenities

With one of the best and most spacious business class cabins, this carrier offers great amount of privacy to each and every passenger. The seats in the Air France Business Class cabin are not only reclinable but can also be turned into fully flat bed of 2 meters. The seat movement can be controlled through a remote. With just a press of a button you can fall into the abyss of comfort and leisure.

The seats are designed like shells to offer greater privacy, though it would have been better if they would have offered reverse herringbone seats like the one offered by Cathay Pacific in their business class. The quality of foam in the seats makes it engulf you to offer greater comfort. You would be like a caterpillar nestling inside a comfy cocoon.

You can rest your arms on the armrest that can be completely lowered or you can just lay down with your head on a,what they call, hypoallergenic feather pillow. Through research they have produced a comfy feather pillow that has the rarest chances of causing an allergic reaction. The duvet has also been created after taking in much consideration about the comfort of passengers and it does deliver a great opportunity for relaxation. You can get a periodical and read it while lying down with the help of adjustable reading lamp.

A large desk with a huge amount of uncluttered space has been provided that can be used for work. You can even keep the food on top of the desk and enjoy your meal. An inseat power outlet has been provided so that you can keep the work going while charging your devices. You can ask the attendants for noise cancelling headphones for complete isolation from your environment. You can even stay connected with your friends and family through a personal satellite phone.

Amenity Kit

Air France Business Class amenity kit is called a “comfort and well-being” kit. The change in nomenclature does not make much difference as the components are the same as that of the other major players in the airline industry. You will find every essential you might need while flying including toiletries. They also offer skin treatment products by Clarins which offers some of the best selling skincare and makeup items.

France and fashion go hand in hand. This can be noticed from the design of the amenity kit which is simple yet elegant and will be a delight for the beholder. The kit bag is available in different color and you get to choose your favourite one. The bag subsumes a comb, toothbrush, colgate toothpaste, eye mask and hand cream.

The lavatory has a range of essentials; even those not included in the amenity kit. Most of the toiletries are supplied by Clarins, Paris. The washrooms are spotless and feature a wide range of warm and clean towels. 2 or more washrooms are available for Air France business class passengers depending on the aircraft.

Air France Business Class Food

The food is prepared by acclaimed chefs from restaurants that have been termed as some of the best by the Michelin Guides. It is one of the oldest reference guide and has been published every year for more than a century. Soon after inception, it began ranking all the european hotels on the basis of their services and quality of food.

Some of the most celebrated chefs such as Guy Martin, Regis Marcon and Michel Roth have prepared the menu and recipes for the Air France Business class passengers. Still you will need to know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in Paris. They call it a “Royale with Cheese.”

Daniel Boulud, the owner of Daniel who has been acclaimed with Michelin stars and James Beard awards has created the menu for many Air France Business class and first class cabins. The menu is a conglomeration of dishes like chickpea, chicken tagine with lemon, salmon with fennel.

Boulud said, “Air France has always maintained very high standards for culinary excellence on board, which I have enjoyed many times as a passenger between my home in the US and my native France. I saw this as a wonderful opportunity to bring together our expertise and create a better in-flight experience for passengers. I hope Air France travelers will find my dishes to be soulful and delicious!”

A new menu created by Youn-Young Kim is tailored to tantalise the taste buds of Air France business class passengers travelling between Paris and Seoul. The menu features ethnic asian culinary dishes like bulgogi, spicy stewed chicken and so on prepared with authentic ingredients. A menu featuring japanese food is available on Air France business class flights operating between Paris and Japan.

The a la carte menu can be referred to before ordering food. Air France Business class has another service named à la françaisethrough which they enable passengers to customize their dishes. The menu features both local and international cuisines alongside exotic drinks and a wide range of appetizers. With your food, you can also order cheese of which Air France features a large collection of.

Bon appétit!
Douzomeshiagare! (for passengers travelling between Japan and Paris)

Air France Business Class Entertainment

A personal touch screen is provided to each and every passenger in business class. There are 500 hours of on demand programs including various movies and television shows. The media is organised according to genre to help you find exactly what you are in the mood for. You can easily find your favourite movie or a classic that you have not got around to watch.

Kids might be more ebullient to hear Buzz Lightyear shout, “To infinity and Beyond!” There are a variety of games for entertainment purposes. The television remote can function as a wireless game controller. You may also feel free to play around with the seat controls but an adult doing that will surely come off as puerile. And also creepy.

For edification purposes you can ask for periodicals that encompass a wide range of subjects. You can even download the Air France Press app that features newspapers and magazines from all over the world without any additional costs.

Air France Business Class Cabins Return

The French flag carrier has transformed the cabins for their long haul intercontinental business class flights. They call their seats ‘cocoons’ that will provided maximum comfort to passengers. Like Turkish Airlines, they also provide ottoman like footrests. The cabin is designed to have a clear cut look like that of a meeting room.

Flat beds are becoming banal in business class with the passing of each day. In a conversation with Skift Bruno Matheu, Air France’s chief officer of long-haul passenger activity said,“Our project is not just to invest in the product. Our goal is to be at the top level in terms of product and to make the difference through the human relationships and the attitude of our people. It’s really two-fold.”

To up the ante, the carrier has introduced direct aisle access for each and every passenger seat. No further need to disturb passengers besides you with the 1-2-1 seating arrangement in Air France Business class. Aircrafts like Boeing 777-200, A380 and a few others has been endowed with new reverse herringbone style seats to offer more space and privacy

Further, personal storage space has been provided where your devices and documents will always be secure. Make sure to hide your passport in them to avoid certain quagmires such as identity theft. An in-seat usb and power port will provide constant power to your work tools such as laptops and smartphones.

Who would not love to watch a classic on a 16-inch HD touchscreen television. Not just classics but also recent blockbusters and latest tv shows are featured on this huge screen

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