Air Berlin Business Class Flights Tickets

Air Berlin is brand name of the second largest airline company of Germany, with Lufthansa being the largest. The name Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG is positioned at 7th number as the most used airline in Europe in terms of passenger traffic. The major airport hubs for Air Berlin are located in Berlin Tegel Airport and Düsseldorf Airport while the focus cities and respective airports are mentioned below:

Hamburg – Hamburg Airport

Stuttgart – Stuttgart Airport

Munich – Munich Airport

Zurich Airport – Zurich Airport

The airlines cater for 131 aircrafts in total of which the main aircrafts available in the air fleet are listed below:

  1. Airbus A319 – 100
  2. Airbus A320 – 200
  3. Airbus A321 – 200
  4. Airbus A330 – 200
  5. Boeing 737 – 700
  6. Boeing 737 – 800

Air Berlin is in alliance with OneWorld and also owns a subsidiary in Switzerland with the name Belair. According satisfactory services to more than 100 destinations across the world, Air Berlin networks with at least 17 cities in Germany, quite a few in Europe and also touches base with some in Africa, America and the Caribbean places. The destinations catered by Air Berlin in the United States are as follows:

Air Berlin Business Class

Esteemed Services before you enter the Air Berlin Business Class Cabin

Journey of a passenger starts from the moment they book tickets for their destinations. Professionals at Air Berlin understand this and thus have started their special treatment for Business class passengers from the moment they start booking for the tickets.

While Booking Tickets

When you book your tickets with Air Berlin for Business Class seats, you can choose to either save big with Business Saver Fare or go for flexibility and customization with Business Flex option. The one thing that is common for all Business Class travelers, irrespective of the plan chosen, is the ultimate exclusivity and personalization offered for all.

Chauffeur – Driven Car Service

The epitome of lavishness comes when you are driven in smart car by a chauffeur. Air Berlin gives the same opportunity to all its business class passengers by picking up from their residence to airport or leave them in their hotel or residence from the airport once they have de-boarded from Air Berlin flight. This service is only available with flights departing, arriving or going through Abu Dhabi airport.

Priority Check-in & Baggage Allowance

Once the passenger reaches the airport, they are provided with personalized escort to priority check-in counter which is maintained exclusively for Business class passengers. At the same counter baggage of the passengers are checked into flight with priority tag that ensures the bags are unloaded first once the flight reaches the destination. Passengers further get benefitted due to Air Berlin allowance of baggage weighing up to 32kg each for all the routes of Air Berlin. Travelers of Business Class seats in Air Berlin can additionally carry a handbag for free with maximum weight of 8 kg.

Access Premium Lounges

Got time before boarding your Air Berlin flight or have a long duration between two connecting flights – whatever may be the reason, the extra time on airport can be whiled away by lounging in the premium waiting areas designed just for you. You can either enter into Air Berlin exclusive lounges made available across most of the German and International airports or relax in any of the 600 OneWorld lounges across the world. This ensures that your free time spent on the airport is relaxing and rejuvenating before boarding process takes place.

In-Flight Services

Inside comfort of Air Berlin Business Class is what ‘Dreams’ are made of!  A warm welcome is extended towards the business class passengers by first taking and stowing their coats to a respect coat hanger and placing all the hand luggage in the overhead luggage space. Further relaxation is provided through a cold glass of bubbly champagne.

Super Comfy Business Class Seats

The seats designed for business class passengers have received high level of appreciation from all the travelers in terms of relaxation and comfort even in long journey. The seats can work three ways – one is the upright position followed by semi reclining one. The third position offers utmost relaxation as they can be turned into fully flat bed position for a good night’s sleep. The horizontal bed is of decent average size in length and also the width. Also the bed comes with a massage option for further relaxation if you wish to do so.

Prompt and Expert Service

Air Berlin believes in offering just the best and their in-flight staff can affirm for it through their exceptionally responsive and prompt service. The passengers can also take benefit of on board bar in the exclusivity of their business class cabins and choose their poison from various range of alcoholic and soft drinks along with special coffee catered by Nespresso. Apart from delicious finger food the passengers can also fly off to culinary heaven through the 3 course meal provided on the flight.

Playground for Workaholics

In accordance with the name, business class cabin is decorated with amenities required for successful completion of work onboard without stressing much about the surroundings. The seats offer immense amount of leg space as well as the much needed area for movable tables and shelves to keep documents in. The monitor is accompanied with a USB socket right next to it which will connect any gadget of yours like tabs, phones etc. A power socket is also made available which can be used to charge up the laptop if you need to do so.

Private Environment

The business class cabin offers complete and utter privacy to the passengers as the seating arrangement of 19 exclusive seats are designed in such a way that all the passengers can have access to window and aisle both along with having the option of being alone or sitting in the center of the cabin with other passengers. The travelers can easily access the overhead carry baggage store without disturbing any other person and also cater their luggage within the shelves provided with their seats. An amenity kit is also provided which actually consist of luxury hygiene products from renowned brands like ‘Rituals’, ‘L’Occitane’ and ‘Wunderkind’.

Great Entertainment

For those who wish and know how to can turn simple entertainment options into a sphere of personal entertainment bubble. But when you are given top quality of multi-media options, even novice gadget users can entertain themselves for hours. This is what is awaiting business class passengers on board their flight. State of the art entertainment technology with 15 inches monitor (LED) along with supreme headphones and remote control all attached to your seat, you can relax and enjoy hours of your journey via award winning movies, latest video and music collection, video games and audio books. The seats are also equipped with electric sockets to charge and connect personal gadgets. For those who are fond of reading, they can get hold of magazines and newspapers on board as well.

Air Berlin in a Glance

Basis Status
Launched 1978
Corporate HQ Airport Bureau Center Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Berlin, Germany
Focus City Hamburg
Major Hub Cities Berlin
Lounge Air Berlin Exclusive Lounge
OneWorld Premium Lounge
Air Fleet Airbus A319 – 100
Airbus A320 – 200
Airbus A321 – 200
Airbus A330 – 200
Boeing 737 – 700
Boeing 737 – 800 ER

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