Aeroflot Airlines Business Class Flights Tickets

Aeroflot – Russian Airlines, lovingly called as Aeroflot, currently holds the position of being the largest airline for Russian Federation. It is the flag carrier for Russia and operates both international and domestic flights for passengers as well as cargos, mostly from major hub Sheremetyevo International Airport located in Khimki, Moscow Oblast of Russia. This transport of cargos and passengers is possible through the air fleet of size190 aircrafts of which the main categories are:

  1. Airbus A320 – 200
  2. Airbus A321 – 200
  3. Airbus A330 – 300
  4. Airbus A350 – 900
  5. Boeing 737 – 800
  6. Boeing 777 – 300ER
  7. Boeing 787 – 9
  8. Irkut MC – 21
  9. Sukhoi Superjet 100 – 95

The Aeroflot Airlines is counted amongst the oldest airlines prevailing since the year of 1923. At the time of Soviet, it was called as Soviet National Airline and was the largest airline in that time. Once the USSR dissolved, the airline transferred from an enterprise run by state to achieve semi moderate private company status as well as was positioned at 19th number in the list of most profitable airline in the world in the year of 2007. In fact even in current times Aeroflot is counted to be the actual national airline of which 51% is owned by the Government of Russia.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines Business Class

Business Class Cabin

Aeroflot’s flights taking up long haul routes are generally catered by the Aircraft Category Airbus A330. The seats outfitted in the business class cabins of this aircraft are quite spacious and accords comfort of movement with increased pitch in the seats and private lights. The seats can be adjusted to offer utmost relaxation by tilting it into horizontal position.

Business Class Benefits

Aeroflot Business Class travelers on board Airbus A330 aircraft avail listed benefits:

  • Private screen outfitted with seats provide long hours of entertainment through on demand video and audio options.
  • Glassware and china cutlery is used to serve delicious meals.
  • Spacious seats that can be angled horizontally to convert into bed.
  • Passengers are welcomed with chilled beverage and refreshments the moment they get settled into their seats.


Seats that can adjusted to lie horizontally in order to become makeshift bed ensures that your long flight is spent in one of the most comfortable sleep one can have in a flight. They are integrated with plug points to charge gadgets like laptops and also have USB port to connect your personal device.

On-Board Entertainment

The aircraft offers business class passengers with fitted state of the art entertainment system on which hours can be whiled away by watching videos and movies on demand as well as listening to music and audio books if the passengers wish to do so. For the young ones range of cartoon shows and games can be switched on. Added benefit provided to only business class passengers is internet access while being on board their flight. They can connect to world down below while they are travelling through the clouds. In the year of 2012, many aircrafts under Aeroflot airlines were fitted out with internet access on board that allows business class passenger to use Wi-Fi. Payment for the service can be done either through credit or debit cards.

In-flight Dining Options

Menu designed for business class traveler aboard Aeroflot flight ensures even the taste buds of the passengers take on a flight of savory delicacies that are worth being showcased in 5 star restaurants around the world. Best chefs from world all over are consulted to provide dishes which offer authentic taste of their cuisine. Experts in culinary delights are called on to create their signature dishes. Chilled beverages accompany the meals to enhance the eating experience of the passenger. Choose from range of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages from and in case you are not sure about some of the options, the flight servers are ready to offer insight into those options.

After De-boarding Facilities

Priority Baggage Collection

Passengers travelling in business class are accorded with baggage policy that in essence mean their baggage will be de-boarded and allocated to baggage carousel before other passengers’. In order to avail this benefit, passengers need to show up with their boarding pass as well as a coupon having the tag number of the bags.


Travelers who have garnered the tag of being elite members under the Aeroflot Bonus program will be accorded with a baggage tag provided with the membership card that needs to be attached with luggage before check-in in order to get priority service for baggage and consequent collection after de-boarding at destination airport.

Aeroflot Airlines in a Glance

Basis Status
Launched 9th February, 1923
Corporate HQ Moscow, Russia
Alliance Sky Team
Frequent Flyer Program Aeroflot Bonus
Major Hub Cities Sheremetyevo International Airport
Air Fleet Airbus A320 – 200
Airbus A321 – 200
Airbus A330 – 300
Airbus A350 – 900
Boeing 737 – 800
Boeing 777 – 300ER
Boeing 787 – 9
Irkut MC – 21
Sukhoi Superjet 100 – 95

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