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Tips to Help You Fly Through Airport Security

January 5, 2016 Nency Willims 0Comment

Flying can be a trying experience for anyone. Adding airport security to the mix can make a bad day into a nightmare. With long lines and strange rules, airport security checkpoints can lead to missed flights and embarrassing situations. However, with a little planning and knowledge, the major pitfalls of airport security can be effectively avoided, sending you on your way with time to spare.

No one wants the process of going through airport security to take a long time. When we fly we are all in a hurry. Here are valuable tips to keep in mind that will help you get through airport security fast. Keep in mind that all of these are subject to change at any time

Gather Information Before You Arrive

The more you know before you reach the airport, the better position you will be in when you arrive. It is important to know about anything that might delay your arrival. Check traffic reports and the conditions at the airport parking lot. If there appears to be a chance for substantial delays, be ready to leave earlier. The less of a rush you find yourself in, the easier airport security will be.

Knowing the status of your flight will also help. If you flight is canceled or delayed, showing up on time at the airport will not help you. Knowing gate changes ahead of time can also lessen the chance that security will keep you from your flight as you can head directly to where you need to go once you are through the checkpoint.

Prepare for Success

Preparing yourself before you leave your house will pay off in large dividends once you start your trip. The first thing you can do is plan your flights during non-peak hours. This will make the security lines much shorter and help you reach your gate with little hassle. Parking will be easier to find and security agents will be less stressed and more likely treat you better.

You should wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Your shoes should be able to slip on and off. Packing your carry-on bag in a neat manner using layers is recommended as it helps during the screening process. You might want to weigh your bags ahead of time as well, so that you aren’t faced with unexpected fees or problems.

Help Airport Security Help You

Before you approach the security checkpoint have your boarding pass and identification out and ready. Think ahead of what you will be required to do and prepare yourself for the many steps involved. You should follow all instructions calmly and quickly. This will help move the line along and lead to a lower stress level among st the passengers waiting to go through security.

Be nice, briefly greet and nicely smile at the TSA agents. Don’t act strange or anything but just be nice. They are there working at their jobs.

It’s important to remember that the security is there to keep you safe and that the agents are on your side. They will see how well you have prepared and will treat you well. Being prepared and responsive to instructions will go a long way in making your experience enjoyable.

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