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This Summer – Things to Do and Places to See in Chicago

April 18, 2016 Nency Willims 0Comment

Popularly known as the “Windy City”, Chicago is a summertime heaven especially because of the lack of warmth in other seasons. While during rest of the year, Chicagoans deal with unexpected and undesirable weather, summers are especially bright and sunny in this city. While locals gear up with their swimsuits and shorts to relish the warm sun in the beach, there are several other tourist attractions in the city capable of making your trip to Chicago a memorable one. Here is our pick of the most exciting and enthralling things to do and places to see in Chicago:

Navy Pier:

The 3,300 foot long pier on the shore line of Lake Michigan has long served as the city’s top attraction since its inception in the year 1916. Well known for its cruise dinners and fireworks at a night, Navy Pier houses the world’s first Ferris wheel, standing tall at 150 foot.

John Hancock Observatory:

Located at a height of 1,000 feet in the towering John Hancock Centre, this observatory provides a view of 4 neighboring states; Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Tourists flood this spot to get a elaborate view of the skyline of Chicago.

Chicago Theatre:

Occupying an area of about half a block, this 7-storyed theatre serves as a cultural landmark of the city. Well known for staging classic plays, magic shows, concerts, and other performing arts, this museum of entertainment also attracts architecture buffs because of its vintage design.

Wrigley Field:

Since its inception in 1916, the Wrigley Field has been home to the Chicago Cubs. This legendary ball park has been in existence since the early days of baseball and is widely recognized and appreciated for its Ivy covered outfield walls and a scoreboard that is still manually operated.

Deep Dish Pizzas:

Chicago is well known as the origin of the infamous deep dish pizzas. Returants serving lip smacking and flavourful portions of deep dish pizzas can be found on every street of this city. Some of the most sought after pizzerias around the town are  Lou Malnati’s pizzeria, Goirdanos pizza, Volare, Quartino, Grand Lux Cafe, and many more waiting for you to explore.

Nency Willims

Nency Willims

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