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Things to Do and See in San Diego and Attractions

March 9, 2016 Nency Willims 0Comment

If you are planning a trip to San Diego and not so sure if it can provide the kind of fun you envision, you should have your doubts settled after going through the highlights outlined below. It includes popular activities you can indulge in and sites you should not go back without having visited. Below are the city’s San Diego most popular attractions.

Tour the city

Before taking on the city’s other pleasantries, wouldn’t you like to familiarize yourself with it first? There are many tours you can join with brewery exploration often highlighted as a model example. Tour companies can be found in the city’s Downtown district and La Jolla.

Enjoy the Beaches

Apart from sun bathing and swimming, the beaches at San Diego are favorable for surfing. Quality beaches can be found at Coronado, Imperial Beach and the beach towns of La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach and Ocean Beach. The interesting thing about San Diego Beaches is their uniqueness.

Rock Climbing 

San Diego is not popular with rock climbers although there are rock climbing opportunities both indoors and outdoors. There are companies which offer instructions to beginners and equipment to intermediate climbers and experts. Great spots for the activity can be found in Northeastern San Diego.

Water Sports

Surfing included, San Diego has a variety of water based sports you can indulge in. These are kayaking, scuba diving, jetpacking and boating. Although it is not a sport, be in time for the whale watching season in February when California whales migrate south along the Coast.

Attraction Highlights

If you like to feed your eyes, San Diego has a lot of famous candy. You do not experience the city until you visit the Balboa Park which is home to San Diego Zoo and a must see for that matter. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is an 1800-acre park where visitors can see free roaming game. The San Diego Zoo has 3700 endangered animal species but unlike the former, these are enclosed in cages.

At Sea World, you can swim with dolphins and get a better understanding of sea life for its instructors. A similar place to Sea World is Birch Aquarium where you get to learn about the roles ocean play in supporting human life. Afterwards, consider exploring the Balboa Park extensively or alternatively, Cabrillo Park and National Museum. Just for the record, San Diego is a family friendly destination.

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