The Unseen Paradise-Denali National Park and Preserve

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“To travel is to live.”,writes Hans Christian Andersen in his ‘The Fairy Tale of My Life: An Autobiography’. Life would be a burden, had not travel been option. Great historians, conquerors and theologians would never had made a name for themselves, had they stayed put; within the land of their birth. Travel is at times very enlightening. Acquainting oneself with new cultures, food, habits and ways; man being a Social Being; becomes essentially what the eastern sages often called “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (all the world’s my family).

What better way would it be, to enrich oneself, and break the chains of monotony; than to explore, the seldom visited Alaskan Denali National Park and Preserve? In the depths of Interior Alaska, spread across six million acres of protected wilderness, lies the Denali National Park and Preserve. The National Park includes vast stretches of forest-land, glacial lakes, frostbitten tundra region, and lofty mountains (which includes the tallest mountain in Northern America namely Denali). The National Park is also home to diverse species of fauna (animals) and flora (plants).

Best Time to Visit

Planning your trip there eh? There are four different months with their distinct charms , which makes Denali National Park and Preserve, your ideal escapade to the wilderness.

Mid- May to Early June:

This being the perfect time to visit, the weather tends to be cooler, the animals are easily spotted on snow-covered mountain-peaks; with fewer visitors hence a good time for solitude seekers. You might also want to check out some of the wonderful rates offered by the lodges.

June & July:

During these months, the weather is comfortable, ranging between 60s and long period of sunshine. During the summer solstice, there will be more than 22 hours of daylight. This season has lush green hillsides and mountains.

August-Early September

The weather temperatures , during these two months are warm during day, and chilly during night. During these months, you can see the famous Northern Lights on clear nights, but might I suggest you something ? Remember to ask for a wake-up call from the front desk people in your lodge, lest you go on sleeping. After all, it’s a late-night show! Okay, so keep your eyes open for the color-changes in the plants & trees. You’ll stunned at how, during this time of the year; the color of the various species of green plants change from green to red; and from green to yellow. And, if you’re lucky enough, you might get snow.

Things To Do

  1. Denali Park Village – Alaska Cabin Nite Dinner Theater

Alaska Nite Dinner Theater gives you an awesome night of merriment, festivity and food! This festivity takes you back to the old-time Alaska; a by-gone era. At the Alaska Cabin Nite Dinner Theater, the dinner theater performed in the bona fide, log cabin in the Miners Plaza, by the citizens, is bound to en-captivate you .

  1. Need Adventure? Go Rafting

As said earlier, life is all about adventure. Without that, you’re as good as a chair. Yeesh! That’s bad right? Well, we’ve got you covered. Once you’re in Denali National Park, please, oh please; for heaven’s sake; do not miss out the rafting trips. There are three venues for rafting trips,that are available in the park. Let’s just give you some examples:

  1. The Canyon Run and Paddle Run raft expeditions sail through the Nenana River Canyon.

In the Paddle Run raft, everyone gets involved. So grab a paddle and get yourself detailed instructions on how to raft along with the crew, & successfully sail over the rapids. The Canyon Run, on the other hand, is an oar-guided trip, and has the guide doing all the navigation work. All you’ve gotta do, is simply hold on and enjoy the ride on the 18 foot inflatable rafts. This option makes it perfect for everyone to experience our whitewater rafting-thrills, especially if you’ve never rafted before.

  1. Wilderness Float Trip:

It’s a very serene feeling when you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the National park, sailing blissfully on the raft. The float trip enables you to float for over 13 miles of the Upper Nenana River, blissfully through the rugged beauty of the national park.

  1. Camping

The Denali National Park & Preserve has 6 camping grounds along the Park Road. These campgrounds are unparalleled in their location and accessibility to some areas of the park. All of the campgrounds are easily-reachable, and are close to the park entrance area without a vehicle.

  1. Let’s go Hiking

What’s mountain without hiking eh? The National Park has about 3-4 hour-long guided hiking excursions, which provide an in-depth view of the environmental, historical and scientific importance of Alaska’s splendid wilderness. These excursions are bound to put you among the most amazing scenic places in the park, which is bound to evoke your wander lust.

  1. Tundra Wilderness Tour

This tour gives you the opportunity to travel 62 miles into Denali National Park and to Stony Hill Overlook. The Tour offers you a grand experience, with incredible scenery, a recounted history of the Park Road, and some of the perfect possibilities to view the national park’s flora and fauna.

Where Can You Stay?

The park has some awesome places for you to give yourself some quality lone-time. Some of them are as follows:

The Lodge

The Lodge is located 7 miles to the south of Denali National Park & Preserve entrance. It is quietly nestled on the banks of Nenana River; and is spread over 20 acres of land. The Lodge provides for light hiking facility. It also provides comfortable rooms at reasonable prices

The Cabins

The Cabins is Snuggled among the lofty spruce trees by the Nenana River. It is conveniently located about 6 miles from the Park’s entrance. The magnificence of this hotel lies in its rustic cedar cabins which offer a quiescent, relaxing place to know your own self;in the heart rugged wilderness. It’s an ideal place for solitude-lovers.

Where Can You Eat?

After a day’s travel, or at the beginning of the day; your stomach must be growling right? Don’t worry, the Park has brilliant restaurants to calm your grumbling tummy.

Gold Rush Dining Room

The restaurant, located at the heart of The Lodge; is open all day. Early morning, tummy- grumbling, get your clothes and boots on get to the Dining room and enjoy a scrumptious morning buffet. The Dining room also offers unique Alaskan cuisines throughout the afternoon and evening, if you’re hungry then.

The Shack                                   

For some yummy burgers, you’ve gotta stop by the Burger Shack for a ‘grab & go’ burger, shakes and much more!

So, then if you’re planning for a trip to Denali National Park and Preserve, check out some of the amazing packages, discounts at Faremachine; book your tickets; and you’re ready to go.


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