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The Perfect Time to Go to Spain

August 22, 2017 Pritam Majumdar 0Comment

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”- T.S. Eliot. If you’re looking for adventure, history, bliss and elegance, Spain might just be beckoning you. The diversity of this land stirs up your heart and seeps into the depths of your soul, so much so that this magnificent country becomes like that first beloved and that first kiss.

Why Go To Spain In The First Place?

Enriched with a long and glorious history, the magnificent country of Spain is decked with ancient Roman Ruins; adorned with magnificent cathedrals and basilicas, beautified with mountains and beaches, painted with the vibrant Islamic architecture. Spain is a nation with a beating heart and a soul. The life that meanders uncompromisingly through the streets of Spain always makes you feel that something or the other just keeps on happening. The enthusiasm of Spain’s people is the very characteristic of their daily lives.  Indeed may we call this beautiful Country as one that celebrates life.

Go Where?

·The Magnifique Cathedrals

Catholicism stands as the central part of Spanish soul, and thus are their beloved cathedrals. The Cathedrals of Spain; are adorned with affluent magnificent architectural styles, from gothic to Florentine architecture; form the colossal spiritual centerpiece of several Spanish cities and towns. Here are some of them:

La Sagrada Família or the Church of the Holy Family; is an unfinished piece of magnificent artwork by Antoni Gaudi. The Church was built about a century ago, and attracts about 2.8 million visitors per year. It is one of the most visited and famed monuments in Spain.

Catedral de Burgos or The Cathedral of Burgos, is a Romanesque masterpiece, built in 1221 A.D. The Cathedral is decked with Gothic sculptures and adorned with a beautiful and magnificent High Alter.

Catedral de Leons or The Cathedral of Leons, is a classic 13th century Cathedral with a French architecture, and is a glorious example of Spain’s foremost Gothic work of genius. While the main entrance is adorned with a magnificent fresco of a scene of the Last Supper, an amazing porch of stained-glass windows mesmerize you inside.

There are other examples of such exemplary sacred architecture in Spain like the Cathedrals of Seville and Toledo; which is bound to captivate you. When in Spain, don’t miss them out!

·How About a Li’il Bit of History?

Hispania was an integral component of the ancient Roman Empire for about five centuries, which has marked the nation with a legacy of excellent sites dotting all round the country. Come to Spain and walk back into ancient Roman history, as if walking in those glorious eras.

Merdia was the capital of Extremadura. Merdia was also the capital of the ancient Roman province Emerita Augusta, and was established in 25 BC. The city is still haven to the most exquisite and widespread ruins of Ancient Roman rule in Spain.

Italica was the first of the Roman towns founded in Spain, in 206 BC. This magnificent town was the place of birth, of the 2nd-century AD Emperor Trajan, and also most probably the birthplace of the son he adopted and was successor to Hadrian. This historic town consists of one of the largest Roman Amphitheaters in Spain, which makes it a must-visit destination for history-buffs.

Baelo Claudia was another one of those really classy towns built by the Romans, during the reign of Claudius Caesar (41-54 BC). The town is dotted with lavish thermal baths, a paved forum, the market, the marble statues, and so on; which reveals to you the glory of Roman art & culture

· Ah! The Beaches Beckon

Spain is adorned with numerous beaches, the country’s excess of coastal treasures means that you can possibly have an unblemished beach experience. So, what do you do? You’ve gotta search & know where to look!

  1. Cabo de Gata: When you hear people talk dreamily, of Cabo de Gata, they usually refer to the whole park which includes the village as well. The rough sandy beach gets swarms with people on the Almería day, but keeping aside July & August, the beach is desolate and isolated. For those of you like solitude and those of you, who would love a full-packed beach, should definitely pay a visit to this beach.
  2. Costa de la Luz: This widely spread beach covered with white sand dunes and pine trees; is a haven for both, the Spanish in-dwellers and holidayers as well as foreign trippers.
  3. Costa Brava, or ‘rugged coast’ is one of the prettiest beaches in Spain stretches to the North of the French border; dotted with vibrant restaurants and spectacular sceneries; and is nestled on a hilly background. This place is very serene and quiet, especially in winter.

·Why Sleep The Night Off when You’ve Got An Awesome Nightlife Huh?

The nightlife in Spain is a lot different from other places in the world. Why? Well, probably because it’s diverse. It ranges from the classy cocktail bars to humble beach-side chiringuitos to the vibrant outdoor terrazas.

·Get Mesmerized By The Art

Museo del Prado is one of the most excuisite art museums with about 7000 paintings by renowned artists like Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velázquez (Velázquez), Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, José de Ribera & Francisco de Zurbarán. Succumb into the beauty of Spanish Art and lose yourself to the glory of the great Masters in Art.

Spain- Haven For The Foodies

Spanish cuisine has evolved significantly, especially in the recent years, and the Spanish chefs are at present, at the vanguard of present-day European cookery. Spain pampers your taste buds with some incredible cuisine in every state, and not just tapas, gazpacho, tortilla and paella but also many of its classical dishes.
A week, you dwell on one of the costas, will easily induce you to think that Spanish national diet comprises of egg , chips, sangría, pizza & Guinness.

When Should You Prefer Going to Spain?

If you’re in for cold in central Spain or rain in the northern and northwestern regions, mild temperatures in Andalucía and the Mediterranean coast, I would strongly suggest that you to go during the off or low season, basically November to February.

If you love solitude, and like Non-noisy streets, March to May & September to October is your catch. The climate is usually pleasant during this time. However, the local festivals might just hike up the flight prices.

The Perfect time to visit Spain, is the high/peak season, that is to say; June-August & public holidays. During this time the streets of Spain is packed with enthusiastic crowd of people, all accommodations are full, prices are high, but…..there are people, faces, illuminated with joy; with gladness, with unblemished love for life. Book yourself a cheap flying and conquer this beautiful land.

In Conclusion, Spain is that country where lights are never dimmed, the lives are never dead, and present beautifully mingles with the ancient. As someone has said “La vida es un viaje, a menos que hayas viajado nunca te conocerás”( Life is a journey, unless you’ve travelled;you’ll never know yourself). Buen día.

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