The Perfect Beaches in the Dominican Republic – Caribbean Islands

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Where there are beaches there is happiness and if it is the Caribbean you will by nature’s grace be over filled with happiness. The Dominican Republic in the Hispaniola Islands is the most visited destination out of all the Caribbean Islands. Cheap flights to the gorgeous island are available easily from any part of the world.

The Dominican Republic is influenced by the European culture mixing with a bit of African and the native elements. The country also has a rich architecture which makes the country a handsome heritage site for a visit. The castles, cathedrals and the monasteries and considered to be built hundreds of years back and they still stand tall and strong. Apart from the architecture the country has a sincere passion for dance and music like all the Caribbean nations. They enjoy music and then express it in their dance. The Merengue dance is the native Dominican Republic dance form which has lively music and fast paced beats.

The perfect and the most beautiful part of the Dominican Republic are their everlasting beaches. The sprinkling clean beaches of the country are the seventh heaven on the planet. Let us check out the most beautiful beaches around the Dominican Republic:

Punta Cana

The most talked and visited beach in the Dominican Republic is the Punta Cana. The beach has beautiful resorts which make it the most visited seashore of the Caribbean, also the most famous beach. The perfect part of the coastline is the crystal clear water and travelers can walk along the shoreline for long without vacillation.

Las Terrenas Beach

If you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful holiday, this is where you should be. The Las Terrenas located north in the peninsula has astonishing coastline. The white sand beaches along with the long palm trees are a treat to watch. The place is known for its scenic landscapes.

Playa Boca Chica

It is one of the most family friendly beaches in the Dominican Republic. The always sparkling water which is clean like a diamond and secluded by the coral reefs is just one of its kinds. The beach is 30 kms from the capital and has become crowded. You can enjoy a drink in a shack with the inspiring sight of the coastline.

Playa Rincon

This beautiful place will take you away from the mob in a place where you will be away from the city nag. This is Playa Rincon, four hours away from Puerto Plata. There are no resorts on the beach but you’ll find the essentials. Beach chairs, vendors and off course the ice freezing beer is what you can easily get in here.

Playa Sosua

The deep turquoise sea water is what makes this beach a wonderland. The beach has the water of coral reefs just 100 meters away from the shore into the sea. Snorkeling is the major attraction which enables the divers and tourists to come around and explore the beautiful blue sea of the corals. Apart from snorkeling there are several other options to enter the sea.

Juan Dolio

‘Endless Sand at the Juan Dolio’ quoted by the ministry of tourism. The capital city of Dominican Republic is the home to this beautiful beach which is less crowded and beautiful. There are endless coconut trees on the beach with beautiful white sand. One can enjoy a meal on the shack and just gazing at the gorgeous shoreline of the beach.

Playa Dorada

It is one of the most happening beaches along the Amber Coast. The Playa Dorada has white and golden sands which make the beach a wonder of its kind. There are several resorts along the sea shore and people enjoy the beach sitting and enjoying the breeze originating from the Atlantic Ocean. This place is also a pleasure for the water skiers and surfers.


This place takes you through a water journey. It is often called the windsurfing capital of the world and a paradise for people who love exploring the ocean. Cabarete has top notch cafes and restaurants which will make you sink in its atmosphere. There are glass bottom boat tours, deep sea fishing and kayaking which can be enjoyed on the beach.

The Dominican Republic is a true nature’s bed. It is not only about the handsome beaches or the gorgeous artifacts. It is also about the celebration that this country holds of its own. Discover this land and meet the Dominican people and they would make you enjoy life from deep within your heart.

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