Shoshone Falls in Idaho – United States

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Often described as the ‘’Niagara of the West’’, the Shoshone Falls is just another wonder which takes you through the doors of heaven.

Shoshone Falls is just another example of what nature has in store for us to make us sink into the core of this ecosystem. Shoshone Falls is located on the river Snake in the US state of Idaho. Though Idaho has numerous waterfalls on its land, Shoshone Falls outshines all the other wonders. It is located just 3 miles away from the city of Twin Falls in an isolated land where the river snake creates the magic valley of the southern Idaho. The Snake River produces this magical waterfall, which is also the reason for the development of the southern Idaho.

Idaho Falls is 212 feet high, which is 45 feet more than the famous Niagara Falls. It is also one of the largest natural waterfalls of the United States. Being here is just a peaceful moment and these memories would be everlasting and unmarked like the Shoshone’s water. The Shoshone Falls flows through a 300 meter wide rim and the Snake River makes sure that the water in the valley is rapid and flowing. The Snake is wide and easy flowing river in Idaho until it reaches the region where it narrows and flows through the rapids to create the seventh heaven; The Shoshone Falls.

The Salmon Territory

Shoshone Falls is named after the Agaidika tribe and this is because of their consumption of salmon. These people resided in the area near the Snake River because of the high populace of Salmon in the river. Salmon is one of the major sources of food for the Native Americans. Salmon is also a major trading center for the native people. The Bannock people also travelled to these areas to collect salmon for trading as well as consumption. The Shoshone Falls is also called as the ‘fishing falls’ by the Fremont.

‘Every spear you throw into the water would yield you a fish’ – Salmon is in abundance and people enjoy fishing along with ripping eyes to see the picturesque falls.

Spring Season

Though the Shoshone Falls seems outraging and spectacular throughout the year, spring is still the perfect time to visit the divine falls. Every spring people in abundance come to the southern Idaho and cherish every moment spent with the Shoshone Falls. It is around 7000 to 8000 cubic feet per second that the falls throws up during the year, but when it comes to the spring time the number become magical and the water starts to scream at the top of its frequency. It is over 13000 cubic feet per second which is generated by the Snake River to pass through the 212 feet long carved rocks to form the miraculous Shoshone Falls. It is during the months of March and April when the falls show itself fully to cover the land with water and the alarming noise.

How to Reach?

Twin Falls in the US state of Idaho is the city responsible for the maintenance for the fall. The nearest airport to the falls is the Magic Valley Regional Airport in the city of Twin Falls. For international travelers the nearest airport is approximately 223 miles from the falls which is the Salt Lake City International Airport.

The Eastern Idaho Railroad also connects well with the city. One can easily reach the falls through railways which is just 2-3 miles away from the falls. Tourist buses and interstate travel transits also connects to the Shoshone Falls. If you fail to use any of these services then taxi is always a way-out for travel. One can easily get a taxi to the Shoshone Falls and enjoy few minutes in the car waiting for the falls to show up.

The rainbow which forms when every element of nature meets each other at one point is when a gateway to heaven is formed. The Shoshone Falls is just the same, the rainbow is carved over the deadly flowing water which gives a glance of the nature’s very own daughter. Make sure you do not wait and spare some time to visit the delightful falls in Idaho. Book cheap flights to the magic valley and gift yourself a much awaited break. Visit and get exclusive deals and discounts on your flight tickets. We want you to fly cheap, to make your vacation even healthier.

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