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“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” ― Lao Tzu. Life says, unless we are lost, we never look for a path, nor a way. This is just impossible in case of “fixed plans”. Once you entangle yourself in the mesmerizing web of the “persona” of a nomad, you’re “a new man” and you won’t certainly, be satisfied without travelling at the least; twice or thrice a year.

Madison- A Home Away From Home

Madison is one of those cities where you can make the most, in terms of travel. A city, marked with historical churches and mansions; mingled with its environment-friendly atmosphere; Madison,is what you’d call abookish college town. Being a haven for the travelers, Madison becomes a home away from home.

Things You Need to Do to Before Your Trip

Get Somewhere Offbeat

Often times, we’re busy making plans to visit places mentioned in the tourism website. This time, let the city of Madison give you a pleasant surprise. Go to an off-beat part of the city, unmentioned in the tourism website. This will definitely give you an opportunity to explore the unknown.

Get Economical Tickets, And Travel Rich

Strive hard to gather memories of your travel to Madison, instead of the flight, or the train. Remember, you need money when you’re on a trip. You’ll need it for your hotels, tours, treks, food, etc. So, go cheap on the tickets.

Once Decided, It Stays Decided

Stop thinking too much, you aren’t going for a school-trip. When you’ve decided to go, just pack your bag, and get going. At times, we’ve got to listen to our instinct.

Be Adventurous But Be Safe

Before your trip, it’s necessary that you pack some basic medicines in the first-aid kit. Here are some medicines you should pack: Epinephrine auto-injector if you’re allergic to pollens, some antibiotics, medicines to prevent malaria, cough drops, etc. Being adventurous is an essence of a traveler but one must never forget “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”

After you’ve done all this, let’s just hover over Madison, to see why Madison should be your next getaway to soothe the wanderlust in you.

Reasons to Why Madison Should Be Your Next Getaway

Clear Blue skies, green grass, mingled with the wine of history and spiced with adventures, Madison is the place for one who loves to travel! The warmer the climate, greater do you long for the outdoors. From Dane County Farmers’ Market to the long biking and hiking trails, Madison gives you a perfect getaway from the daily hectic life.

Where History And The Present Meet

Pierce House:Pierce House

The first residence ever built on “Big Bug Hill”, wasThe McDonnell Pierce House, commonly called ‘Pierce House’. Located on   424 N. Pinckney Street, the mansion is one of the four oldest mansions, of the Victorian Era Madison. Built in the German Romanesque Revival-style architecture, this mansion; is a haven for history buffs. The mansion which was once home to Mr. Alexander A. McDonnell, a prominent and eminent contractor, was built in 1857. The mansion is now a hotel, and has been renamed to “Mansion Hill Inn”.

Keenan House:

The mansion is built in the early Romanesque Revival style and the Prairie du Chien sandstone house is an example of the Magnifique designs of a local architect, named August Kutzbock.  This mansion was designed for the above mentioned Alexander A. McDonnell. Later, it was inhabited by John Garnhart, (who was a plow manufacturer), and his wife Mrs. Roberta Garnhart. After John’s death, Roberta continued to live alone; in the mansion. However, she eventually married Orasmus Cole; who was the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. Later, it housed Sarah Fairchild Dean Conover and Carrie and George Pierce.

There are other buildings like St. Patrick’s Church, Smith House etc.

Outdoor Actives

Take A Stroll In The Cave Of The Mounds:

Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark was discovered in 1938. Since then, the group of Caves has become the very prominent; and is the jewel among major show-caves in the U.S. Walk through the cave paths, lighted with electrical lights, and explore the geological wonders. If you want more from the caves, you might just want to visit the Gemstone Mine, the Fossil Dig or the Butterfly Gardens. For the shopaholic you,  the Amazing Rock/Gift Shops are a must. The Hiking/Biking Trails is there to soothe your adventurous spirit. After a long walk, aren’t you hungry? Boy, you sure need the Snack Bar, to fill your tummy. Cave of the Mounds is located in the southwestern part of Wisconsin, and is merely 20 minutes to the west of Madison, off the U.S. Highways 18 by 151

Brittingham Boats

Brittingham Boats gives you premium paddle craft rentals, which includes stand-up paddleboards along with single and tandem kayaks, and also; canoes. You can definitely enjoy a day on the lakes, after which you can fill your hungry tummy with some yummy grilled-cheese meals.


Top Restros and Cuisines Add On To Your Trip

Miko Poké

From Banzai Shrimps to Cali Salmon to Coco Curry(Vegan), this restaurant is a must visit for seafood lovers.

Dough Baby Bakery

From doughnuts to cookie sandwiches, pies to bars, brownies to cakes, the bakery is full of diverse American pastries. For a sweet-lover this definitely is heaven.

There’s a lot more than what’s been mentioned which I leave for you to find so that you can sing out loud “I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud, that floats on o’er the vales and hills.”

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