Cheapest Days to Fly and Perfect Time to Buy Airline Tickets

August 11, 2017 Pritam Majumdar 0Comment

If a flight is excessively expensive, you are not going anywhere. Traveling via air crafts often raises a simple question in your minds, “Where can I find the cheapest flights, and when?” or “when can I get the cheapest flights?” Well, you have questions and we, the answers. The following guide will provide you answers to such questions as above.

Here’s what you do:

· Book on Tuesday

The most excellent day when you can book a U.S. flight usually is Tuesday at mostly 3 p.m. of the Eastern Time. The reason is that several airlines bring forth weekly airfare sales, especially early on Tuesdays; by the time it’s of mid-afternoon, the airlines competing for one another, have harmonized these sale-prices and shoppers; who will have good deals to choose from.

· Don’t Book Too Early/Too Late

Booking tickets too early could cause you to pay too much. Buying too late could cause you to pay too much. Therefore, you’ve got to have a balance. In case you’re looking for the U.S., book 3 months, 30 days prior to departure. In case you’re looking for international flights, book between 5 months and half months prior to departure. For perfect travel periods such as June to August; Thanksgiving to Christmas/New Year’s; and other holiday dates, you should always book tickets 2 months in advance.

· Always compare airfare

Some people don’t compare the prices of the tickets since they know that their much loved airline always has the most excellent deal. But no airline always keeps the cheapest prices, every single time. If you don’t compare, you might just have to pay too much. To avoid such problems, set an airfare alert.

·  Look For The Cheapest Routes:

Non-stops are usually more expedient, but these flights could often be expensive, and you might just find much better deals on connecting flights with great savings. Always contrast prices of both, non-stop and a connecting flight before you use your credit card.

· Fly the cheapest days:

You can save more by gaining knowledge of the cheapest days when you can fly. If you cannot book for the cheap days for your entire flight, do it at least for a part of the trip and you’ll still see some amount of savings.

Cheap days: In the U.S., Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday are typically the cheapest days. In case of international travel, weekdays are usually cheaper.

Expensive days: Usually, in the U.S., Fridays and Sundays tend to have higher costs.

·  Book group or family travel one ticket at a time

Let’s get it clear, this ain’t goin’ to always save money for you, but it could, so it is worth trying every time you shop. Purchase a single ticket at a time. A peculiarity in airline reservation-systems refers to multiple tickets put up for sale in a single business transaction is of the same price.

· Social Media

You should always keep y our eyes open for price scales and regularly post them on Social media like Facebook and Twitter, along with new tips to find deals.

So, if you’re looking for cheapest days to fly, click on Faremachine website, and look up the days, book you’re tickets an doh, yes please like us on Facebook.

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