Blue Seas, Green Hills, Long White Beaches- Fly over to Maui for Your Lone Time Together

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“Two souls with but a single thought; two hearts that beat as one.” —Friedrich Halm.  Marriage is not just between two persons but between two souls, and what better way could these two souls be made one, than to know one another in solitude? And what better way can one soul knows the other than travel? Walk holding hands with your beloved on the long white beaches, sail over the deep blue seas, sing some songs together under the tall palm trees under the outstretched blue skies and explore the unknown green hills, together. Wondering where you could go? Well, why don’t we help we help you out? Hmmm…… let’s see……how about Maui, Hawaii?

Why Maui ?

One of the most cherished destinations for honeymoon in the whole-wide world, Maui prides herself to possess tempting beaches and flawless resorts, which provide a tranquil background for honeymoon, or simply to escape into a mystical lone time with the one you’ve sworn to make “ever thine, ever mine, ever ours”.

The splendid intimate sunrise, cozy together with a blanket, atop the Haleakala Crater, behold, the victorious sun sets on the canvas of the blood red sky with a shade of dark blue, enchants the romanticism of your souls and spellbind you. Again, as you set yourself a-cruise along the fair coastline of Kihei, Maui proves her worth as a place where romance is never very hard to find.

The White Long Beaches:

Kaanapali Beach:  

The signature beach in Maui, gives you 3 miles of white sand. Whether it’s sunbathing, lazing out, surfing or strolling; holding hands, you’re bound to find the perfect lone-time you need with your beloved.

Puamana Beach County Park:

This beach is haven for swimmers, picnic tables, grilled food lovers and a grassy park, entangled along with it, are the beautiful white waves. The beach is excellent for beginners and intermediate surfers. Trying surfing are we? Why not visit Puamana Beach County Park.

Kahana Beach Park:

If you’re in for a little picnic under the clear, blue sky, together; you’ve really got to get to the Kahana Beach Park. The beach is also renowned round the world, for its excellent windsurfing, good swimming and diving conditions.

The Green Vales & Hills

Halaekalā National Park: 

How splendid would it be picturing yourself crowd together at pre-dawn, with a blanket wrapped round you, in the frozen air. While the darkness of the night slowly starts disappearing, and everything appear dreamlike; while you can sense an out-of-the-world event unfurling. Piercing the very bosom of darkness, an orange glow of the rising sun enlightens the summit. You let out a gasp-that “Whoaa” feeling – followed by cheers. Rich tones of amber and ocher light up on the crater floor below, inviting exploration. The aptly named Sliding Sands Trail crunches beneath your feet as you descend into the lunar-like world of Haleakalā.

Sacred Iao Valley State Park:

The once forbidden mystical park, is where the ʻIao needle-shaped, green pinnacle, protrudes skywards from the floor of the valley. The pinnacle is the primeval attraction of this numinous park. It’s mesmerizing natural splendor is bound to captivate your souls. No wonder, the kings of the island, put a taboo on visiting this place, especially for the commoners. However, since the taboo has now been lifted, you can ask your partner, “Honey! You brought your camera, right?”


Situated on the slopes of the Haleakala volcano, Makawao is haven to its plantation-past and its arts community. This fascinating town was once, one of the top 25 arts destinations in the US. This is a delightful place where you can get yourselves, some snacks to nibble, from a small bakery T. Komoda Store.


What’s travel without some lip-smacking, finger-licking traditional cuisine? Here are some of the must-try cuisines of Maui:

Kalua roast pork :

 A whole roast pork,  roasted on a conventional underground oven, which is lined with stones. The Pork meat is wrapped in banana leaves and roasted. This dish is a traditional one of Iuau.


Poi is a traditional staple food of the isles. This dish is sweet in taste and comes traditionally, for lunch; on the platter with either, grilled beef or grilled pork and rice.

Ahi poke:

Another traditional dish of the island, Ahi Poke, is an appetizer, made with a combination of diced ahi, onions, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt and pepper with oyster sauce and chili flakes. This appetizer is basically sweet & spicy.

Where Can I Stay?

Maui prides herself to possess some extraordinarily beautiful and homely resorts, with good honeymoon packages which make your trip to Maui, very memorable.

Aston at Papakea Resort:  

The resort located on the Kaanapali Coast, is a peaceful haven on a 13 acres of extensive lawns and lush-green gardens. The resort offers very spacious accommodations which overlook the sparkling blue sea.

Its accommodations consist guest studios; 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites. Each of these rooms are endowed with totally operational kitchens along with in-room dish washers or dryers which provides you an add-on convenience. They also have attached with them, a personal balcony/ lanai, where you can unwind yourselves and enjoy either spectacular expanse of the ocean or garden-views. 

Puunoa Beach Estates:

You can find for yourselves, the perfect secrete at the Puunoa Beach Estates. The above resort is one of the most exclusive resorts in the whole of Maui. This splendid resort prides itself for its personalized services which would make you feel at-home. 

Fly to Maui with Faremachine, give us a chance to gift you; the most splendid and memorable honeymoon. Check out some of our honeymoon packages ,fill up a short form; book your tickets, and say ‘Aloha’ to Maui.

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