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Best Time to Buy First Class Airlines Tickets

September 2, 2016 Nency Willims 0Comment

A hook from the left, a jab to the right and an uppercut finishes the match. This was a match between your pocket and a first class airfare and the clear champion was the undisputed champion, the first class airfare. First class airfares can leave your pockets harried and even empty.

First class tickets offer a great amount of comfort and leisure while traveling. You get a huge amount of personal space and experienced and amiable attendants who are well versed in the art of hospitality. These clairvoyant attendants will take care of all your needs before you inform them about it. The food you are served with is prepared by some of the perfect chefs. You get complimentary food and wine with a first class booking. This will be a dream come true for any gourmand. All of this seems surreal but is possible when you are ready to empty your pockets.

Some airlines will turn out to be exorbitant but most of them will offer a great bang for every buck you put into buying your first class air ticket. You will feel calm and relaxed after your commute and the perfect thing of all is that you get a grand experience from your doorstep. You will be transported in a luxury car driven by some of the most experienced chauffeurs. Some airlines offer drop facilities as well. All this seems like a chimera and can fill anyone with a huge amount of alacrity. The only hindrance to availing all these exotic services is the price of a first class air ticket.

As on 26 August 2016 the following are the prices for a round trip from New York to Dubai with Lufthansa Airline:-

● Economy/Coach Class: $1177.69
● Business Class: $7776.69
● First Class: $ 20911.69

We wanted to try another airline and so we went for Emirates for the above given route. The prices as on 26 August 2016 were-:

● Economy/Coach Class:$1,871
● Business Class:$16,070
● First Class:$30,374

These statistics are enough to give you a clear picture and to substantiate our point. Though these fares fluctuate, still a first class ticket can buffet your wallet like nothing else. For a frequent flyer, this amount of expense can be commensurate to be put on a no fly list, as after purchasing a first class ticket you may not be able to travel by air again until and unless you radiate affluence.

To Book or Not To Book. This’ the Question

Knowing when to book the tickets is imminent and can go a long way to reduce your expenses. Like a person frustrated from his manager, airfares also are highly unstable. The constant fluctuation in airfares from minute to minute basis can be frustrating while trying to forecast the perfect time to book your air ticket. Below are some tips that will help you know the perfect time to book an air ticket especially a first class air ticket.

Flights Ticket Booking in Advance

Booking your itinerary way before your travel can save you from paying a premium of upto 40%. Reaping the benefits of advance booking is something you should aim for. Last minute bookings can cost you a lot. This does not mean that you can always benefit by booking your flight way in advance. Many a times airfares can decline, leading to an overall loss for you. But this is not always the case. Most times, last minute bookings will cost you a lot.

While booking, make sure to delete the cookies of your browser. In order to keep track of your flight searches, some travel websites often save your search results on your device through cookies. If you keep searching for a particular flight or route you will get increased airfares. This is because the travel websites are on to you and know that you want to travel that particular route. By deleting cookies you will be able to view the real prices of those air tickets.

Yippee! It’s a Holiday

Holidays are sure fun, especially if they fall on week days. Though you can have fun with your family on holidays, still holidays are considered to be the worst time to book an air ticket. During holidays there is a huge traffic of users trying to book their air tickets through travel websites and travel agents. This colossal amount of traffic augments the airfare and makes them exorbitant. This is the main reason why you should avoid holidays for booking your itineraries. As soon as the holiday season is over the increase in the prices of the fares subsides and that is when you should book your air ticket.

Weekends are also a bad time to book your ticket. Taking a vocation to a nearby city is a popular idea that pops into the head of most families as it may have done in yours. Too many people booking airfares will increase the price of air ticket significantly. Each day makes a difference while booking a first class air ticket, make those days weekdays, avoid weekends as much as possible.

Also, try comparing the prices of different airlines for a particular date and route. Some airlines will offer much more affordable air tickets than others. This is due to the huge amount of competition between airlines. You will be able to avail a discount while booking on many airlines. They offer these discounts to gain more customers and then try to retain them through different loyalty programs.

TripAdvisor, one of the earliest websites to employ the usage of user based content, can be of great help. You can get reviews of a particular airline from other users who have experienced the service of that airline and weighed the cost and benefit for it. You can read reviews for different aircraft’s for a particular airline. This will enable you to avail the perfect experience one can have while travelling through First Class.

The price of air tickets vary according to geographical location as well. Booking the same flight from New York or from New Delhi will have differing prices. You need to check for the bookings from different location. Airfares differ from city to city as well. For finding out the cost of booking a flight from another location use a Virtual Private Network (VPN.) By setting up a VPN for the location you want to find the cost of air ticket from you will be able to know the actual cost from that location. This technique is known as Arbitrage and uses the differing price of a particular asset to gain the most amount of profit.

Flight tickets vary according to seats in a single class as well. It is possible that a person sitting next to you might have paid a lot less than you did.

Last Minute Flights Tickets Deals

It is true that booking air tickets at the last moment will be more expensive than booking them in advance. Still there is an exception to this rule and this exception is brought about by Last Minute flight deals. Airlines offer last minute deals on the airfares which often include a behemoth amount of discount. The mechanisms of last minute flight deals have been listed below:-

1. Let’s say John Cena takes a ride from New York to Dubai but Sri Lanka is the final destination of the flight.
2. John Cena departs from the plane at Dubai. The flight now has one vacant seat.
3. To fill up this vacant seat, the airline will offer a last minute deal at a heavy discount on the airfare. This is done in order to gain maximum profit.
You will have to be subscribed to receive offers and discounts from the airline through a mail in order to be informed about any last minute deal. This way you can avail a great amount of discount on the airfare even while booking your ticket at the last minute.

Flights Ticket Upgrades and Useful Tools

If you are a frequent flyer of one particular airline, then you may be promoted to an elite status. An elite status comes wrapped with many perks of its own. You can get a lot of discounts based on your status with an airline. Elite status is offered to the most loyal of customers. Many a times, airlines promote your coach class booking to a business class or elite class booking. This is based upon the availability of seats. You do not have to incur any additional cost to travel first class.

Secret fares with the title Y-UP, K-up and Q-UP are offered by airlines. These fares are known as ‘UP’ fares. These air tickets automatically convert to first class ticket as the seats for them are located in the first class cabin and you have to pay the price for a coach class air ticket only. These fares are not offered directly by airlines. To know about these secret fares you need to contact your travel agent. You can contact us for information regarding these secret fares as well.
You can also know about these fares from It is one of the most powerful tools available for any frequent flyer looking for affordable business class tickets. Follow the steps given below to search for airfare on FareMachine:-

1. Goto
2. Select trip option. You have to select among round trip, one way trip and multi city trip.
3. Enter the airport code or city name for both Departing and final destination.
4. Select the date on which you wish to fly. FareMachine provides you with the option to be flexible with your return date. For this check the Flexible Dates option.
5. Select the number of passengers. You are provided with options to add number of children, lap infants and seat infants.
6. In cabin select the first class.
7. Select the number of stops between your travel destinations.
8. Hit ‘search flights’ and FareMachine will list down all the flights sorted out on the basis of affordability and a number of different factors.
9. Get the code for the flight which caters to your needs and pocket the best. Contact us to find out if secret fares are available for that particular flight.

With a little bit of motivation you will be able to find these secret fares and have an affordable happy journey.

First class travel is expensive. You can employ other techniques as well. You can try gaining as many miles as you can. You can do this by two methods. First is Miles Run. A mile run is taken solely for gaining the maximum amount of frequent flyer miles from your travel. This is done by taking a economical long distance flight. The second method is Manufactured spending. It is a technique used through credit cards. Most credit cards that offer miles have a caveat. You need to spend a considerable amount of money in a limited amount of time after your card has been issued. If you do not know what to spend your money on then you should buy cash equivalents such as gift cards.

The above provided tips are quite useful and can bring a considerable decline in the cost of your air ticket.

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