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8 Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should be Cartagena in Columbia

August 25, 2017 Sanjana Yadav 0Comment

Cartagena is a beautiful port city situated on the northern coast of Columbia in the Caribbean Coast Region. This paradise in Spanish was also known as the Cartagena de Indias in the colonial era. From beautiful historic sites to colorful festivals, this city is like a heaven on earth. It has so many places to visit and a variety of food to taste. So, why not travel to Cartagena, and enjoy this exotic place as your next holiday destination. Here are 8 reasons why should you plan your next vacation to Cartagena.

1.San Basilio de Palenque: A place where you can see the beautiful culture of the Afro-Colombian. This is the first free African village in all of the America. This place is where you can find the full display of the Afro-Colombian culture. The people here haven’t abandoned their culture. The locals here have preserved their heritage and traditional customs of their African ancestors as it is the only thing which connects them.

2.Wandering in the city: The Old City of Cartagena is the best place to get lost in the beauty of architectural structures. It is super manageable for a person to forget everything and admire those beautiful buildings. A person can wander around the historic inner-walled districts of El- Centro and San Diego. This exotic Spanish city is sometimes which makes you forget everything and admire everything in front of you. But not only the Old city but New city is also an eye pleasing place. It’s a place where you can find many malls, high-rises, and hotel chains. It’s like a city with the contrast of both old and new which will spice up your trip.

3.Exploring Mercado Bazurto: If you want to look for the local life in Cartagena, Mercado Bazurto should be the place where you will find it. It is a place where you will find traditional and unique Columbian cuisine. It is a place which is a home to food which basically represents the tropical food of the Columbia i.e. meat, fish, various vegetables, and fruits. Here, you can try the breakfast and the lunch prepared by the locals which mostly contains the boiled yuca, fried fish, and fresh juice. Will it not be a wonderful experience?

4.The Bohemian neighborhood in Cartagena: This Bohemian town has its own beauty. This neighborhood which is across a street from the Old Town’s yellow tower is known as Getsemani neighborhood. It is famous for its street art and graffiti. This comes alive in the night, so you can take a stroll and admire the work of this small neighborhood full of creative and young artists.

5.Limonada de Coco: It is like the most featured and specialized drink which is only available here. If you visit Cartagena and have not tried this, your trip is incomplete. It can be tried with or without a jigger of rum. It is coconut lemonade which will help you beat the Columbian heat. Such a delightful drink to keep you fresh.

6.Beach: The long walks on the white sand-beaches of Islas Des Rosario. The Caribbean waters washing your feet, relaxing and soothing you. This azure Caribbean water which surrounds this island is actually made up of small 27 tiny islands. You can try for mid-morning snorkel sessions and scuba diving or take a boat ride and enjoy the calm wind in the evening.

7.Food: From those ripe and tropical fruits to sipping of cocktail on roof-top bars, this place is like a heaven on earth. A person can enjoy various tropical juices on rooftop bars and cafes here. There is an endless array of the tropical fruits which a person can enjoy. You can enjoy the food here street side as it has quiet famous street food vendors.

8.Shopping: It is famous for its local stuff. You can buy jewelry and mochillas made by the local designers. This city is a bright and colorful city which makes you feel lively all the time. You can say this city is a candy-coated city which makes it perfect for pictures, quite colorful which give you a sense of Alegria, which means joy in Spanish. You can find various colorful scarf and dresses. They have a variety of Colombian made hand-stuff in every street and corner. They attract a lot of glamour in the streets of Cartagena. These traditional local shops brighten up this exotic city.


So, plan your next trip to Cartagena in Columbia with Faremachine, and enjoy this exotic city near the Caribbean waters.

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