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Calhoun Sheriffs Heliport – FD60
Altha, Florida
Facility Usage: Private
David L Tatum
Rt 2 Box 104-A
Altha, FL 32421
(904) 762-8438
Cattle Creek Ranch Airport – 50FD
Altha, Florida
Facility Usage: Private
Timothy Mowrey
Route 1 Box 214
Altha, FL 32421
(904) 762-3334
County Line Airstrip Airport – 5FD3
Altha, Florida
Facility Usage: Private
James H. Mc Croan
Rt 2 Box 40-B
Altha, FL 32421
(904) 762-8146
Farm Air Service Airport – 22FL
Altha, Florida
Facility Usage: Private
C. C. Bodiford, Jr.
Route 2, Box 33
Altha, FL 32421
(904) 762-8320
Able Airpark Airport – 5FD5
Blountstown, Florida
Facility Usage: Private
Roger J Brenda Mc Laughlin
Rt 2 Box 526
Grandridge, FL 32424
(850) 674-5127
Calhoun County Airport – F95
Blountstown, Florida
Facility Usage: Public
Calhoun Countuy
20589 Central Avenue East
Blountstown, FL 32424
(850) 674-4545
Clarksville Airport – 74FD
Clarksville, Florida
Facility Usage: Private
Ronald Stiteler
Route 1 Box 140
Altha, FL 32421
(850) 674-8385
Ron Wood Airport – 5FD1
Clarksville, Florida
Facility Usage: Private
Ronald Wood
P.O. Box 200
Clarksville, FL 32430
(904) 674-4740
Steep Head Farm Airport – FL15
Clarksville, Florida
Facility Usage: Private
Robert L Mayo
P.O. Box 100
Clarksville, FL 32420
(850) 674-8482
Maran Airport – 68FD
Fountain, Florida
Facility Usage: Private
Seghkawn Maran
Pobox 331
Youngstown, FL 32466
(850) 527-4289

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  • 1855-924-9497
  • David L Tatum, Rt 2 Box 104-A, FL 32421

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