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Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd, was previously known as Virgin Blue Airlines, which is the second-largest airline of Australia. The airline was established in the year, 1999 by the name of Virgin Blue. The airline commenced business on the 31st of August, 2000. The Airline company is based in Bowen Hills, Brisbane. Virgin Australia flies to 29 cities in Australia out of the 52 destinations it flies to 7 from.

Virgin Australia provides for three different cabin classes (Economy, Economy Premium & Business) which are filled with the best of entertainment options, exquisite menus, seat-comfort & selection; you’re in for a treat flying with Virgin Australia Airlines.

Why Fly With Virgin Australia?

How to Check In

Check-in is a major issue as soon as you get to the airport. If the check-in goes bad, everything goes topsy-turvy and the entire flying experience becomes a very messy one. To avoid the queue in airport and save time, Virgin Australia allows you to check-in online on either your PC, your tablet or even your mobile devices by clicking on the airline’s ‘Online Check-in’ portal. Online Check-in for national/domestic travel opens 48 hours prior to the departure. In case of Online Check-in for international travel , on-line check-in opens about 24 hours before departure. If you would prefer to check-in at the airport, the check-in service is provided by the very amiable Virgin Australia team-members.

Baggage Allowance and Fees

Virgin Australia enables you to carry your baggage both, on cabin & cargo, on flights both domestic & international, on the basis of the cabin classes you fly on. The checked weight ranges baggage ranges from 23 kg to 32 kg with dimensions. The infants are allowed to carry an add-on baggage of pram/stroller etc. along with the regular baggage carried by the adults. Excess baggage would incur excess costs. Depending upon the destination of your travel, the baggage fees range from 18.92 $ to 47.60 $.

Seating – Leg Room, Choosing Seats

It is the desire of Virgin Australia to make its passengers feel at home on-flight in terms of comfort. Thus, all those of the passengers that are eligible & flying on any of the classes, are entitled to select a seat preferred by the concerned passenger. To be specific, if you are travelling on the Economy class cabin, are allowed to stretch out and relax with a maximum of 25% more legroom in the Extra Legroom seats.

Meals, Snacks and Drinks

Depending on the fare-type or the cabin-class and the booked-route, Virgin Australia offers an exciting variety of food & beverage choices on the company’s domestic flights. In case you’re flying on the long-haul international flights, you get a laudatory food & beverage offering. Menus are prepared on the basis of the cabin Class.


Virgin Australia has been recognized for its unparalleled services always. Lately, it has received an award as the “Airline Excellence Awards”.

Important Information & Useful Tips for Virgin Australia

  • Customer service: 1800-982-0425
  • Website:
  • Destinations: 52
  • CEO: John Borghetti
  • Headquarters: Auckland Airport
  • Hub: Zürich Airport

Is Virgin Australia the cheapest airline?

Looking for cheap fares? Virgin Australia is a haven for cheap fares along with all other flight information. Fill in the form, enter the necessary details asked of you and you can have your e-tickets. Do you need more information? Do call on Virgin Australia on 1800-982-0425 or email them at for.

How to Book Virgin Australia flight tickets?

So you want to book your flight tickets on Virgin Australia eh? Well then, all you will need to do is fill up a form that you’ll find on the website, and you’ll have to make the payments online. Further, visit to search for flights, fill up the form given to you, make the necessary payments to receive your tickets. If you want to get your online boarding pass, remember to provide all the necessary documents ( for example- identity proofs), and you’ll get your online boarding pass.

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